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Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday's sports..ala Mom

Last night Lebron was all like "Is there anyone else on my team?" and everybody pretended they couldn't hear him, until he was "Fine I'll just do it myself" and he did. Then his team just kept drawing dream houses on big sheets of paper and Lebron picked up all their stuff and threatened to burn it.
Dan Haren has nice eyes, and got some stinkin' run support for once last night.
And Andy won (not so nice eyes, but nice other stuff), so did Rogerer & Rafa, but sadly Venus lost.


  1. It is a good thing no one but us reads this, cause I don't think they would get that whole LeBron rant!!
    Hope ARod keeps winning, because I think you have a whole stash of shirtless Andy!!! Nice.

  2. When are you changing it from Half Glass to no shirt analysis?

    The tennis channel sucks. It needs to go away. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around do you hear it? When I have to watch the bottom line for updates on the Nadal match on sunday morning when the tennis channel has the davadinko match on? ridiculus Nadal finally loses at Roland Garros and no one gets to see it. Hey tennis channel I won't care to watch it on tape delay tonight. Figure it out tennis channel. Why don't you purchase more than 2 cammeras. Martin Navratilova really brings home the the hard hitting analysis and is ever so pleasing on the ears. The sport wonders why it can't get a following.

  3. Way to go Andy!
    Has the world flipped on its axis? Andy won at Roland Garros the same day Rafa lost??

    We can't change to no shirt analysis, then we would have to find a whold new blog for cycling.