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Monday, May 25, 2009

Not much of a gearhead after all... by boo

Had the best intentions of watching the Indy 500, but man, car racing is boring. There was a minor crash on the first lap, so the yellow came out. So, I switched over to some Lifetime/Family Channel guilty pleasure chick flick while I tried to ride 100 miles on my stationary bike.

Dirtman did watch the whole thing, but he went out to see his folks for Memorial Day, so he can't help me with this report... There was one spectacular crash with two drivers that I didn't know. It was good that the car was facing away from the wall, that sure could have been messy.

But my favorite driver, Helio, won everything.
(Did you know there were multiple things to win? Me neither.) He won the pole. ( I did know about that.) And he won the pit competition. (makes sense.) And he won the race. And climbed the fence. How fun would that be.


  1. Helio isn't Hunk of the Month, he's Hunk of the Year!!

  2. So did you make it 100 miles? some of the gps maps on Fatty's site were pretty funny (and boring)