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Monday, May 25, 2009

Giro Update (stage 16) by star

Update to the update:
OK, now I've actually watched the stage, so:
Carlos Sastre (I didn't know cowboys were cycling fans) is a monster and pulled out a can of 'look at me ride really fast uphill like I did last July".
Menchov might be the real deal, he kept on Deluca's wheel the whole way up, then took a second on the line. And kudos to Rabobank for replacing the orange with pink on the shorts to match the jersey.
Popo, poor Popo, I think he was trying to coast the last 2 k of the climb after getting caught by Carlos. I have that same feeling the second I walk though the door at work sometimes.

Denis smiled. It's a good thing they have cameras over there in Italy or I wouldn't believe it!
Levi, I think he just pissed any chance of winning the Giro. Maybe he can get on the podium with an attack on one of the remaining stages and a phenomenal TT.
Here's the
video of Levi, Lance and Jens. It's pretty good, but I don't understand about 25% of what Jens is saying and I watched it twice. But I did understand him back when he called me crazy! Pot calling kettle black!
The video from earlier with DZ mentioned him
singing, sometimes I'm glad pictures don't have audio.
Chechu was solid today, he's now sitting 47th, 1:15:51 back.


  1. My video of Jens cut out half way through. Too bad, because he was funny. And German.

  2. He mentions that he will look like a 3 legged dog crossing the line after stage 16. At least that's what it sounded like he said.
    I need to hang out more with the Malmo farmers so I can translate Jens.