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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Freezing camping beats Scotch???

Right now your bracket resembles something found behind a tree outside of the Wahoo VFW this morning. Or by the side of the road....let's say right past Zimola's. (how ya feeling Star?)
I tried to watch this "basketball" but got bored by the lack of actual made baskets and confused by this defense stuff. It seems to resemble a rugby scrum. I mean, I know these kids try hard, but honestly most are really not that good...trying hard is awesome for Dist. 44 Field Day & your job (sometimes), but let's not mistake it for actual talent.
I realize I'm in the minority. But luckily I'm right a lot so that makes up for it.
NBA truth for the day: So last week those things you saw rolling past you? Those were the wheels falling off the Celtics championship bandwagon. It appeared that The Milkshake Truth, Big *$?! Ticket, and that wussy bald guy finally got bad at basketball. Which caused much heartache in Beantown. I laughed. (then they went and won 4 games, but guess what boston? they still aren't gonna win - better hitch your wagon to that muscular Gumby & Fat Annoying Baby)
Suns news: Steve Nash is awesome.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 'O the Morning!

Boy oh boy, who's excited about the western playoff race? ME! thats who! So our Suns are sitting at the 7th seed right now, but are only one game behind 5th. But enough about that.
More importantly, Boo and Dirtman went to the Suns/Lakers game with us last friday (thanks guys!) Sadly Los Suns sucked it up. But Boo was very impressed with our ponyboy Lou. Lou tries hard to overcome his lack of actual basketball skills, and succeeds for the most part. Plus he used to ride his bike to work. He blocked shots and got a sick allyoop over Gasol which should count for 4 points and a nice glass of burgundy.
Sometimes people get lucky. Me, I'm pretty lucky. I get to watch Steve Nash play basketball & channel his inner professional athlete/jackass. Enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010


everyone done with the Olympics hangover? That was a tough one to get over. My withdrawal symptoms are now hardly recognizable, except for the spontaneously singing 'Oh, Canada'. I guess I do have 28 months to learn 'God Save the Queen'. A final olympic video, Ryan St. Ogne got 4th in aerials and Justin Olsen was a pusher on the gold medal winning 4-man bobsled team.

-Paris-Nice was won by Alberto Contado, and not because his team was strong. If he wins the Tour, it will be all because of him. Although it will certainly be entertaining with everyone's favorite vodka-swigging, positive-drug-tester, generally-crazy-riding Kazakh Alexandre Vinokourov back in the peloton and AC's teammate. I can imagine the conversation between these two as the ride up an important mountain in France in July.....
Vino (in Kazakh): "I'm going to attack."
AC (in Spanish): "You need to watch the other riders to make sure they don't attack."
Vino (in Kazakh): "Ok, when everyone is together, I will attack."
AC (in Spanish): "I'm leading the Tour, so you can't leave me."
Vino (in Kazakh): "When you least expect it, and it makes no sense, I will attack....many times, I'll attack."
-The spring one day classics are coming up, so keep an eye out for Tornado Tom Boonen. His recreational cocaine use is over, for now.
-Mark Cavendish, how many times can we joke about his bad, British teeth? Since it's effected his riding.....I say it's open season.

Andy Roddick and James Blake were greatly missed by the U.S. Davis Cup Team. The Serbs took our lunch money, knocked us down and tried to kick clay in our eyes.

Big ups to our two nieces that are State Champs!!! Stone Cold is now 2 time Champion in state basketball. And Twinkle Toes is a double State Champion in dancing. Here team won the Hip Hop and Pom routines.
Wow, I'm sure glad the next generation can revel in the same talents that we have!!!!!!