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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Milkshakes & Team Kobe

I only watched the last 1:23 of the Magic/Celtics game, Magic won. Dwight Howard makes my eyes happy. Paul Pierce & Big Annoying Baby will drown their sorrows in milkshakes & double cheeseburgers with everything...again. 
Now Rockets/Team Kobe, I actually watched. kinda. Here's my first half, half glass analysis. Team Kobe came out and watched Kobe try to single-handily build a retaining wall (or maybe a chimney) under his own basket. But of course, his team totally let him down by not shooting bricks fast enough to really help. Shane Battier was stellar (again) and sorry for not being clearer in my previous post, his last name is pronounced Batty-yea silent french r. 
Pau Gasol appeared to be slightly distracted by basketball from the easy listening jazz concert that was playing in his head, so Luis Scola went all crazy up in there. NBA Explainer: Scola, who is from Flopistan, like Manu Ginobili, has traded his soul to the basketball god(s) which is why he has black eyes. 
Best part of the first half of the game is the shot of Kobe walking in to the tunnel at halftime berating Sasha Vujacic for some major screw-up, like chewing watermelon gum- when everyone knows that on Team Kobe for game six we chew spearmint gum! argh...seriously. Can he get some teammates!?!*
update. Rockets win. Wow-just think if they had their best player, and/or their second best player, and/or their back-up center.

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