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Thursday, May 28, 2009

GIro Update (stage 18) by star

Yippeeee, it's a zeppelin!
Garmin - Slipstream remembered it's riding this race to win, not just get to visit all of Italy from the back of a bike.
Good job
Danny Pate for getting 3rd and being cute!
Iowa's pride and joy:
Jason McCartney was all over the front of breakaway trying to make something happen, but ended up 7th.
Other then that Chechu was cute too. He was in a
video with Lance before the stage.
No change in the GC.

Check this out: Great blog by Christian Vande Velde.
This is old, but check out his dog and what he thinks of NE. I don't know VdV, now it's not just the mole I need to get over.


  1. Even VdV's dog looks fast, and also that he's suffered a bit of road rash in his day too.

  2. Forget to add...don't trust anyone that voluntarily owns a weimaraner.