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Thursday, December 31, 2009've got some Wildcat on the bottom on your shoe

Way to go NU, thanks for completely dismantling the Arizona football team and in the process saving me a year of ridiculous comments from U of A alumni. ASU is still hyped up over their win over Nebraska in 1996......really they replay it on TV. Yeah, 14 years later.
Phoenix Suns center and Arizona alumni, Channing Frye said about the Mildcats dismal showing at the Holiday bowl: "We're building on hoops. I'm always with the hoops but now we got to go to something that I'm gonna get a guaranteed win in and that's softball. Killing in softball."
Wish I could comment on the NU game, but since the Pelini brothers were efficiently pushing the Stoops brothers into lockers and taking their lunch money I felt free to watch the Suns beat the Celtics JV team. No KG, Milkshake or Big Baby? yes, still a very satisfying beat-down. Complete with mandatory Rasheed technical.
And since your year wouldn't be complete without some Steve Nash - here's his all star video promotion. enjoy. (funny footnote- Steve asked the video tech to set him up with 5 clips, they sent him back 10 mins.)
Have a great New Years (esp. you poor Star!)

Monday, December 28, 2009

An overlooked sport

Floor hockey....

No, not field hockey, played by tough girls in plaid skirts, but rather played by a bunch of misfits wearing everything from tshirts and shorts to jeans and plaid flannel shirts. Every Christmas Eve, my family decides that we must continue the tradition of bruised shins and twisted ankles. The Dirtman brings out the trusty plastic sticks and PVC goals, and we proceed to smack the heck out of each other.

And, yes, we consider this fun....


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Star....

I was trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday, and I hope the NU VB team delivers you a win and a Final Four appearance tonight, but since I have no control over that....

Here are a few things for you to enjoy.....


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


to Spain for knocking down the Czech Republic in the Davis Cup, then kicking clay in their faces. Seriously, they won 5-0. I mean of the 15 sets that were played the friendly Czechs won 3.
Usually when a team has won a Davis Cup tie, they throw out some nobodies in the last two matches. Not Spain, they threw Rafael Nadal & David Ferrer at Jan Hajek & Lukas Dlouhy. Poor little guys didn't even know what hit'em.

Happy Birthday to our sister Fifi.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


That game was just one second too long.....


Here is the Suh award watch...
12/07/09 - Nagurski Trophy (Best Defender) - winner
12/09/09 - Lombardi Award (Top Lineman) - winner
12/10/09 - Outland Trophy (Top Interior Lineman) - winner
12/10/09 - Bednarik Award (Best Defender) - winner
12/10/09 - Walter Camp (Outstanding Player) - finalist - McCoy won(?!?! whatever !?!?)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving

Dear Steve Kerr,
Thanks for trading Shaq away. You made Steve Nash happy and when Steve's happy the whole world smiles.

Also, before the Sun's get bludgeoned by their brutal december schedule, they own the best record in the NBA, quick enjoy it. But tonight they play the New York Knickerbockers, who are just killing time until summer and Lebron sends back the note with the box next to NO checked. But head coach, Mike D'Antoni (former coach of the SSOL Suns) had managed lead them to a 3-14 record, which isn't terrible considering how badly the entire roster plays basketball. It does answer a which comes first chicken/egg question - Did Nash make D'Antoni's system or did D'Antoni's system make Nash? Answer: 14-3 v 3-14.

Remember Channing Frye? The Sun's new center? We liked him because he blogs about sushi, now we love him because he's 6'11", shoots 47% from 3, and most importantly likes 30 rock & Three Sheets. Winner!