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Saturday, May 9, 2009

a better wingman needed...asap

Dirk Nowitzki has recently been going through a crazy time, despite averaging over 30pts a game during the Mavs current series with Denver, all everyone wants to talk about his recent shit-tastic disaster of a personal life(and I don't think thats an overstatement). Got me thinking (that and the 2 strongbow I just consumed) that maybe his point guard/wingman is leading him astray. I mean, Jkidd is great but doesn't have the best track record in relationships. Now, I'm sure everyone remembers that back in the day our own Stevie was BFF with Dirk, and Steve has a pretty impressive track record for a short, limp-haired canadian. So, I'm thinking in the long off-season va-cay that Dirk with soon be on (sorry, Dirk but I saw the game today, that fork is firmly stuck in Marc Cuban's hair plug infested scalp - D. U. N, done) Dirk might be best served to hang out with Steve, if anything it will result in more drunk athlete photos showing up on the web. Athletes - they're just like us! they make stupid faces when drunk! fall off bar stools! hug strangers! yea!
In related NBA news, yes, Ron Artest is as tough as I thought he was. When he said game 2 against the Lakers wasn't the most physical game he's ever played, 'cause he played in a game where his friend got stabbed with a broken off table leg. For real. Ron Artest, not like us! not at all! way, way too tough & scary.
Note to nephew V: sorry for doubting your admiration of Chauncey - he's awesome. Okay, not as much of a tree-hugging, war-hating hippie as stevie, but still very cool. Even Sweet Melon isn't as annoying as he once was.  Go Nuggets!

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  1. Holy cow, those pictures of Dirk are scary. It looks like he is about to fall over and trap a helpless 5'8" person or two under him. Good thing Nash is fast enough to evade.