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Monday, May 31, 2010

A big Thank You to....

the Magic, the Suns, Andy Roddick, Venus Williams, and the Bryan Brothers for freeing up my evenings and my DVR. Now maybe I'll get something done around this house.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roland Garros, anyone?

...or as they refer to in when speaking of American men's results... Roland Gross. Can any of the current American men make it out of the second round? Andy is the best chance and he is hopeless on clay. Sam Querry was seeded, but got knocked out by Tommy Robredo. (ed. note - don't know what I was thinking, Robby Ginepri beat him. Must have gotten distracted by Tommy...)

For the French, however, nothing is more interesting than Venus' outfits. Frankly, just because you can wear lingerie to work, doesn't mean you should. No less than 7 questions in her press conference were in reference to fashion. After the Australian Open outfit, this should have not raised eyebrows.

For those of you expecting a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of the tennis being played in Paris, sorry.

In a nutshell, Rafa and Darth Federer will battle in the men's final, with maybe one Williams girl in the women's final. But on clay, I would expect Justine to make it and play one of the "ugly Russian girls". (direct quote from the Dirtman!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cycling run down

The stage today in the Giro d'Italia was a mountain time trial, 13 K's long, 1 K of climbing, with parts over 20%, and other parts were dirt. It wasn't even wide enough for cars, so the directors and mechanics had to ride motorcycles. Who comes up with crazy s*&t like this? Italians!! But one of their crazier ideas is to start the 2012 Giro in D.C., which I am totally ok with. Bring on the crazy ideas, believe me, I've got a judgement gun that can blow huge holes into any bad ideas.
Anyhoo the stage was won by Stefano Garzelli, Cadel put some time into Ivan Basso, Carlos Sastre and Vino. But with 4 mountian top stages left in the Giro, it's far from over.
The Tour of CA finale was on Sunday, which was won by Mick Rogers (which I've met, ahem...sorry, stalked before), second was crazy Dave Zabriskie, third was little Levi Leipheimer. And my favorite Canadian cyclist won the last stage! Ok, he's the only Canadian cyclist I know of. I wonder if he knows Steve Nash? The Argyle Armada was the winning team, as well.
What's the difference between Italy and California?

It's Hockey Night in the NBA

According to Coach Gentry.

My favorite part of this sequence - Grant's face.
Grant: "Oh, man Steve, your nose is totally...
Steve: "Eh, I got it."
Grant: "You're a freak, you know that?"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday was a really good sports day...

...for me at least. It would have been great except that the Royals lost in extra innings, stinkin' Orioles.
It all started in Italy, thanks to Tyler Farrar taking his second stage in the Giro. Garmin so dominated that his leadout Julian "Kiwi Guy" Dean ended up getting 3rd. And looks who's pretty in pink. And look who's just pretty.
Today, on the other hand, was fruit basket upset. Long story short: a huge break got a bunch of time and was never caught. The contenders that had lost a bunch of time earlier (Wiggins and Sastre) are now back in it with Vino, Cadel and Ivan. Seriously? These guys are professionals?
Second, the Tour of California had a pivotal stage that was won by Dave Zabriskie in a break ahead of Levi Leipheimer (3 time winner on TOC) and Mick Rogers (a cutie pie). Oh the joy on Dave's face. And oh, the joy on my face to see Chechu again. Steven Cozza is musta-tastic again!!
Today's stage was won by Chicchi over Cav, that's unusual.
I would have posted all this last night, except I was watching the Huskers take the bats to Creighton (sorry Jock, they're even too obscure for you).

Monday, May 17, 2010

WCF drinking game!!!

Fluctuating between feeling very pukey and strangely confident? Yes, it is Game 1 of the WCF tonight, where sus Soles attempt to do the impossible and ignore Phil Jackson and his mental jiujitsu, but it's hard because he's a giant and sits in a giant court side chair.
Do yourself a favor and turn on the game just to see Stevie's multi-color face/eye spotlighted in the ridiculous lighting of the Staples center. Then go back to the Royals, DWTS, or whatever fills your evening-making up songs about Nugget?, Organizing your 684 photos of vacation beer? :)
So, how's this gonna go? Well, I can make a case for a 7 game series, but my homer-iffic take is Suns in 5.5. I think they show tremendous depth of rib, look great on the move...oh wait, um. I think they are strong of mind and heart. Will play loose, but with an edge. Trust each other, the game plan and the coaching staff. (In Alvin We Trust) Okay, I guess I don't know how it'll go, but here's a couple things to count on (drinking game!!)
1. Kobe will make angry hamster overbite face at his own fist. (most likely to happen in 4th quarter)
2. Kobe will make "you guys are terrible face" at own teammates (most likely Sasha, who will deserve it)
3. Kobe will make "I'm just turning around like this" motion with elbows, aiming at Grant's head & throat (x 2,397 times per game)
4. Pau will make "Si, you know my hair is fantastic" hair toss. Steve will counter with "eh, but see the silkiness & manageability of my locks" disdainful toss back. Touché.
5. Pau will have Dirk-esque awkward flail towards basket for the and 1.
6. Amar'e will get pissed. Steve will get pissed. Channing will get pissed. Grant? he'll be so above that. Lou? just go ahead and try it. Abraham Lopez? Don't try it, I think he's wound pretty tight right now.
7. Ron Ron will walk that fine line between Lord of the Flies and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (its only a fine line for him)

Friday, May 14, 2010

YEA, I'm back!

This is how big a beer is in Germany. Flex drank a lot of them.
And here is your update on obscure sports watched on Eurosport with German commentary:
1. The guy with the blond fauxhalk made a stunning comeback in snooker. I think he won.

2. Two teams played handball.
3. Munich won their soccer championship. Happy!

4. Some other people played cricket and I have no idea how that game works.

5. The USA is doing rather poorly in a hockey tournament. Got beat by Finland. Really, America?

6. LOTS of hype for the World Cup.
Oddly enough, I only got to see a little bit of the prologue of the Giro. Pretty hard to believe....


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jock's back!!!

Flex and Jock are back from across the pond... and they didn't even hit the ash cloud.

Can't wait to hear all about drinking and fun-stomping!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just couldn't escape without some blood

From Steve Nash's twitter today: "A 3 year old at the park just asked me why I have a bandaid on my face. Me: I bumped into someone's elbow. Kid: what was his name? Me: Tim"

Dragic goes Nova (music by Violent Femmes) courtesy Hardwood Paroxysm

Monthly unrelated Lady Gaga cover (not it's not Johnny)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Giro - Stage 2

Today's stage was a crash-tasterphy, except if you're Tyler Ferrer, then it was crash-tastic! He won it all in a stage that was flat with no wind, if only those stinkin' Dutch wouldn't have put up all that road furniture, not as many riders would have hit the deck.
Bradley Wiggins is out of the Maglia Rosa after crashing twice and Cadel Evans is in it.
The main goal of the Argyle Armada (Garmin-Transitions) is to get the Maglia Rosa at some point in the next week. Their best chance is stage 4, the Team Time Trial. They currently have 2 riders within 4 seconds of the lead.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Giro!!

Yes, today is the opening day of the first Grand Tour of the year, the Giro d'Italia!! Only it wasn't in Italy, it was in Amsterdam, that's close to Italy right?
Bradley Wiggins won the stage with a moster ride that barely beat a new American rider on the BMC Team, Brent Bookwalter. I've never heard of him either.
The top rider in argyle was David Millar in 7th, 6 sec back. Gustav Larsson ended up in 8th, 7 sec back, remeber him? He's tall!
Vino was somewhere in the top 10, just to make sure we don't forget about him. Another rider that we'll never forget was there too, to make our eyes happy.

One stage down, 65 more to go!

That just happened...again

Wow. Goran Dragic just gave hope to pasty left handers throughout Slovenia. Beno who? Goran Dog, who appears to be twelveteen (but just turned 24 on Thursday) came in for Steve with 2 mins left in the 3rd and proceeded to dismantle the Spurs, I guess "the Spurs own our soul" doesn't translate. I think Coach Gentry was satisfied that Goran evolved into "serviceable back-up point guard" but somehow during halftime he got switched to "cold-blooded killer who can't miss" and proceeded to go 10-13, 4-4 from 3, in the last 13:05 of the game. Dragic was reading the Spurs so well he probably knows what Duncan is gonna have for dinner tonight.
Anyway, am filled with wary giddiness. Go Los Suns!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes, that just happened

Okay, I'm in disbelief that your Suns are up 2-0 on the Spurs, but I'm Duncan Faced about how they managed to win game 2. The Spurs shoot like the Suns and your Suns rebounded and hustled like the Spurs, so I guess that makes up down, Gracie the good dog and Friday's drink of choice plain tonic with lime. What the?
Planet Orange as a whole, and me as an individual, have some serious scars from past Spurs-inflicted heartbreak and this beating them is confusing, like Bill Simmons' writes about the Sun's crowd:"When the wrong call or break goes against them, 40 years of torture quickly bubble to the surface and every defense mechanism kicks in. It's tangible. You can feel it. They totally believe in this team ... only they totally don't. If that makes sense."
Tonight your Suns try to steal a game in San Antonio. The half glass full of gin & tonic says "awesome, win one in San An and it's all over but the crying", the half empty g&t glass says "the Spurs are setting you up for epic heartbreak and devastation, and you won't be surprised at all when this happens." This article explains it better.
PS. Oh Noes! the same Witch Doctor that shrunk Channing's head has gotten to George Hill! Now you'll never find a headband that fits.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Los Suns

Well, game 1 was a pleasant surprise. Floppy haired Steve Nash looked 200 times better than game 6 in Portland, he cut through the Spurs defense like a hot knife through Chunky Monkey, ended up scoring 17 in the first quarter. Timmah was shocked, SHOCKED!
Los Suns held off two runs by the Spurs, I think Coach Gentry gave these guys a spine infusion. Instead of holding hands and singing around the campfire, Los Suns stepped up on defense and executed on offense. Manu was shocked, SHOCKED!
Game 2 tonight, we shall see what the Spurs come out with. My guess? The Wall Street Journal, Bud heavy and a Lee Greenwood CD.

Monday, May 3, 2010

In Nash we trust

Ugh. Tonight your Suns open round two against the Spurs (cue ominous music, sick feeling in pit of stomach, irrational hatred of Eva Longoria-a bedazzled Spurs shirt? really? How very Texas of you, yes, that's an insult). The Spurs have knocked the Suns out of of the playoffs 16 times in the last 10 years, and in the most bizarre/heart breaking ways possible - Nash's bleeding nose, Horry's hip check, Timmah's 3 pointer. Let me put this in way, its like getting beat by Barry Switzer coaching the Yankee's from USSR (circa 1980).
Piling on the broken heart is that the style of basketball the Spurs play hurts my eyes, and makes me bored/angry/bored/frustrated, it just makes Len angry, very tonight I'll watch from the treadmill and let him kill zombies on the wii.
So where does the smart money go? I don't know. I think the Sun's have a pretty good chance, but a lot of that hinges on holding home court. Or maybe Manu & Pepe Le Pu will forget to pack their papers and Sheriff Idiot will throw them out...Oh Arizona *head desk* only you could make the Nebraska legislature look less crazy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"I'm so sorry...

until someone else pisses me off." That's not a direct quote from Mark Cavendish, but it could have been.

***first May post!!!