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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go Big Red?!?!

As I sit here, more than a little disgusted with myself over the whole fried food debacle this weekend, (see Jock's upcoming post about the red-neck turkey fry..), I am both happy and sad that the Husker baseball season is over. It was a long and dismal season, alot of "worsts" for the first time in a long time, but they did finish strong with a sweep of a Big 12 team.

Here's to the five seniors that were a lot of fun to cheer on this year.... when they did give us reason to cheer... Especially to Jake Mort, who hit 1 HR in his first 3 years with NU, and hit 2 in his last game as one. And Erik Bird, who threw 27.1 innings in his last 3 starts. (Yes, that's right, he pitched into the 10th inning in one of them!) And my personal fav, Jeff Tezak, who straight-up stole home yesterday on a rebuilt knee. Not so fast, but fast enough.

Star (rather sleepy and a tiny bit crabby) and I dragged Jock down to witness the final game. Beautiful day, and a win, marred only by the exceptionally loud and annoying fan seated behind us. (Jake, Jake, Jake, WOOOOOOO!!) Star and I are used to it since we have dealt with it for two seasons, but we often self medicate with a little C&V to take the edge off. After a weekend of "moderate" drinking, but too many late nights, that was not an option.

Sooo, we left early in order to fry MORE stuff. Frankie's husband was in trans-fat heaven. Axel and Mr. T (the offspring) showed the family ability to eat til it hurts, and still power through it!



  1. Wait...they play baseball at NU?? I thought they just spent spring getting ready for volleyball & football season.
    Sorry I missed the fried food fiesta - sounds very yummy.
    Bad news for me - day 6 of over 100 degree heat down here, don't...even....ask. argh. Upside - pool is warm enough now.

  2. Sorry about the heat.... I know how you love the summer. It will be a little warm up here too, but only mid to high 80's. Which warranted the window unit in the upstairs. (hehehe, I typed "unit"...)