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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten Games?

OK, since I went snowboarding this weekend, I have to write something about the Winter X Games. Mostly annoying and about as subjective as a Russian figure skating judge, it nonetheless provides some interesting moments.
Like Shaun White almost decapitating himself on the half-pipe. Yikes. His helmet went flying off like a champagne cork (maybe they don't really help) and his head snapped back like Flex driving by a golf course. That is why I don't try double cab, backward McTwists very often. But he still went on to win.... hmmm.
Also a skier and a snowboarder went to the hospital. And I saw a snowmobile flip during a jump and land on top of a guy. He must have been OK, since he finished the race, and qualified for the finals.
Totally different note - Rogerer is one of the most graceful athletes I've ever seen. He makes winning Major Finals look as effortless as as Kicker leaping a bon-fire.
Also, the NFL pro bowl is on and no one cares.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a few things...

Everybody can chime in on this one.

After a brutal beating in the NFC Championship game, Brett Favre has said that it is "highly unlikely" that he will return to play next year. I mean, come on, he had the best season he's had in a few years, throwing fewer interceptions than he has in years. I put the odds of his return at 85%.

Aussie Open sadness. A Rod is out in the quarters. And he almost beat the giant Cilic with only 1 1/2 hands. I think he is playing better and hopefully this shoulder thing won't keep him out for long!

The Husker women's BB team is 17-0, and now ranked #4 and #6 in the country. Only UConn is also undefeated... and they've been known to play a little b-ball there!! Kelsey Griffen, the Amazing Alaskan, is having an All-American season. And Yvonne Turner can drain 3's all day. I just wanted to share this today since they play at Texas Tech tomorrow night. And they have NEVER won in Lubbock!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Travershamockery avoided

Well kids, it looks like David Stern cooked the books in the NBA all star voting - explainer for you non-nbaers-The fans get to vote for the starting lineups in the All-star game, unfortunately (or fortunately for Allen Iverson) most fans are idiots. Last week Steve Nash was in 3rd place behind Kobe (evil, yet best 2 guard) and Tracy McGrady(teammate-for-now-of-Yao, played 34 minutes this year). Yes, CanJez was behind a guy who's dismissed from his team (despite being it's premiere player) because...wait for it....the coach admits they are better without him. But today it was announced that Steve was starting with Kobe - I'm positive it's because Stern didn't want Yao's fanboys from China messing with him.
Gracie McGrady says "right on Stern, right on...but I'd still bite you if I ever saw you"
Unrelated Olympic "sport" video. Johnny Wier+Lady GaGa=something thought up in a sequin/vodka infused heaven.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oy, Oy, Oy.....

I know everyone has been missing cycling, so here's comments from the opening stage race of the season, the Tour Down Under. How awesome of a sports vacation would that be, sisters? The Aussie Open & the Tour Down word - drunk!
Anyhoo, back to the race. Astana made a rookie move, they didn't bring radios to the race. So when the team leader (and defending champion) was on the wrong side of a break and didn't know it, the rest of the team was in the front and didn't know the leader didn't make the break. What? Did Johan and Lance take the "How Not to Lose a Bike Race" manual with them when they left? This is not a good sign for Alberto and the Tour de France.
Big George was looking good as Cap't America...he needs a cape.
The RadioShack kits, you can pick them out of a peloton, oh wait if Lance is racing, the camera's always on him....that's how you can pick out the Shackies.
In Europe there are guys in speedos on the side of the race, in the US it's guys with the flag as a Australia, this. I like it, just don't piss it off.
And Andre Greipel (Columbus) won the first 2 stages and is the race leader. If you were curious.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.....

Day 1: It was a good day, Andy Roddick won (despite the ref that tried to trip him up), Marie Sharapova lost.
Don't meet these Russian women in a dark alley....seriously, they could kick your ass.
Did anyone else check out Rafa's crazy choice of clothes? Orange shirt with magenta and yellow stripes, with magenta head and wrist bands. And those very unmatchy white pants with tan crisscrossy stripes. What was Nike thinking? I do kind of like it in this shot...
More fashion comments later... boo

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pop-culture touchstone, Steve Nash

Tonight on 30 Rock, Danny the Canadian made a Steve Nash reference. Something to the effect that he'll be TGS's Nash, come down from Canada, work hard, make a black guy look good.
And yes, Steve's totally down with the whole Vampire thing too.
Another AZ sports note: The Cardinals are like the kid who shows up on the first day of class to get the syllabus, then is never seen again till the day of the final yet still manages to pass.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Yeah...

obscure sport fans wake up from you're winter nap and get ready for some good times. In just a few short days (actually 6 normal-lengthed days) we get our favorite Slam under way. Ok, the Australian Open is probably just MY favorite, I mean seriously Australia is just a drunk it's summer down there now!!!!
But the Australian Open is just something to kill the time until we get to the main course of THE WINTER's only a month away!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Get this....

Warning: this post is after a "Three Sheets" mini-marathon & a couple of cranberry and vodkas.
Lindsey Vonn (my favorite female alpine skier (Bode Miller's my favorite male, yummy)) won the latest downhill race in Haus Im Ennstla, Austria. One of her motivating factors is that the Austrian press says that the reason Vonn better at the speed events of alpine skiing is that she's overweight. Seriously, Vonn is the 2-time defending World Cup Overall Champion because she's would think I would be OK at skiing if that was the case. Those Austrians are just pissed that the Von Trapps left all those years ago.
Speaking of the Olympics...they're closer then they appear.