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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's new... from boo

Kind of pathetic, we are texting each other as we update our profiles. Star is busy working on her big Giro entry at my dining room table, while we watch KC Royals on tv. Yes, MLB is considered a major sport (hence the M in MLB) but KC is so small market and has been on the ropes for so long, that they are inconsequential to the bulk of the country. But after growing up a George Brett fan(atic), my love for the Blue has only faded slightly, not gone away.

This is THE YEAR, they will finish above .500, and make a run at the division.

Zach will blow up midway through the season but will still have a good enough record.

Alex will struggle to make his way back into an everyday role after his rehab.

Star will continue to lust after DdJ and Gil, both will be oblivious to the fact that she is crushing on them.

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  1. Star - thats why you keep sending them frozen chicken hearts...they'll notice you then.