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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giro stage 7 & 8, Rachel goes Beyoncé

Since the rest of my sisters are way too busy drinking and deep-fat frying all kinds of food items in celebration of our Niece's graduation - I have to hold down the Giro coverage. (by the way, Melski - Congrats! No more high school is worth a celebration)
Stage 7 - Team Columbia-Highroad's new mini god of thunder won going away, after going up and then down to the finish. Also Team Astana traded out for new kits. They faded the non-paying sponsors logos back so you can't  read them...snap* take that! And also Ivan was there (trust me, click on that one...dreamy)
Stage 8 - Again, Team Columbia-Highroad pulls out a win with some utility player coming off the bench. I guess they came to win. Very scary fall by Rabobank's Pedro Horillo, going over the guard rail and down a ravine about 60 meters- breaking 2 vertebrae and puncturing his lungs. some seriously scary shit there. In other sad news, no pictures of Ivan today, mis ojos son tan muy triste.
In the "sport" of horse racing. Rachel Alexander channeled her inner Beyoncé - check that- Sasha Fierce to put the smack down on the boys - going to the front and staying there, despite being pushed 4 wide on the turns, to win the 134th Preakness. Becoming the first filly since 1924 to win the race - you go girl. Derby winner Mine that Bird made a gallant run from the back of the field to try to catch her, but to no avail. He showed alot of class by finishing second and in doing so proved that his derby win was no fluke. Now Jock's least favorite jockey is going for a personal triple crown.
NBA note: Phil Jackson is going all mind-meld-zen-ninja on Team Kobe, you know the usual LA shenanigans...go rockets! 

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  1. Thanks Lilly, great update.
    And yes Rachel Alexander totally rocks!