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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted anything - but the French Open is EXCITING! I watched Rafa, who reminded me of the Nuggets and the Cavs. Ok, now why, exactly are we here again? And why are those other people celebrating??... Anyway, Rafa was practically in the stands he was so far back on serve receive. Slowest I've ever seen him move.
On the other hand, Andy Rodick looked fantastic on Saturday. Did you guys know that he can volley??? Neither did I. But he can, and did!
Also out - Novak 'Can't take a' Djokovic. Straight sets loss to the 29 seed who's name I can't spell.
In an interesting turn of events in horse racing, the owners of Rachel Alexandra decided not to run her in the Belmont. So Calvin Borel, the crazy, annoying jockey is back on Mine The Bird to go for his own personal triple crown.
PS. I am not hung-over. Just lazy.


  1. Jock!! you're back! I'm sure that planning your little boy's third (fourth?) -birthday party took alot of work - thats why you've been so quiet. I watched Rafa's match too- I haven't seen him enough this year but he look out of sorts - way back on serve receive (as you noted), errors, not focused. Very un-Rafa like. I'm DVRing ARod today...I think Monfils will give him all he can handle- don't be surprised if they run out of time, the Jankovic match went long so they had only 2 hours of daylight left and Andy hadn't even started yet.
    Rogerer came through today after dropping the first 2 sets...I like him more now that he's human. And am digging his throw-back side stripe postal shorts...doesn't Dirtman have a pair of those?

  2. I watched a little bit of Rogerer's match today while I was running. He was playing like crap. I can't believe he came back and won. And yes, those do look like the (in)famous Dirtman postal lawn-mowing shorts. Yikes.

  3. almost forgot..nice picture of Novak. I so wanna like him but his personality makes it very hard.