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Thursday, May 7, 2009

USC vs Penn State

No, this is not about football, but the semifinals of the NCAA Mens Volleyball tourney. Not liking it so much. Thought I would, but it doesn't seem like real VB.

I am used to watching the sport played at a very high level at NU all the time, but this just seems like too much. Too tall, too big, too strong. The court seems too small.

The kills are unreturnable, and I have yet to see a volley. No finesse to it at all.

Also, you would expect the Southern Cal players to be WAY hotter than they are. They look like nerdy gym rats. With bad hair cuts.

(Had to throw in the physical descriptions, just for the Dirtman.)


1 comment:

  1. watched a little bit of this, agree, its almost like the net should be taller and the court bigger, and the players much, much more attractive.