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Monday, August 31, 2009

New York, New Dork

I was going to write an insightful commentary on the US Open, but realized I didn't have another 20 shirtless pictures of Andy Roddick. So, Nadal opens against Richard Gasquet, he of "accidentally ingested cocaine" fame. On the Ladies side the Williams sisters are on the same side of the draw, Clijsters won her first round match and every third player is a 6 foot blond russian.
But more importantly Steve Nash is in China, where-apparently all fashion rules are thrown out the window. A Dork, an adorable dork, but a dork nonetheless.

Sunday, August 30, 2009 was a good weekend!

For those not keeping track at home it was a good cycling weekend. In the first 2 stages of the Vuelta we had some good-looking winners. The fabulous Fabian Cancellara won stage 1 and Mr Adorable (and yes he does have cow spots on his jersey) was an upset winner of the stage 2 sprint.
In the US Championship we had Dave Zabriskie 4-peat as the champion of the time trial. He is Captain America of the time trial and put all others to shame, the second place was +40 sec back.
And the big, sexy George Hincapie is back as the champion of the road race. He looks great in a cape!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cycling Update...

Well the cycling season is starting its last hurrah. The third and final Grand Tour, Vuelta a Espana is starting in Holland on Saturday. Yep, the Tour of Spain's first 4 stages are in the land of windmills, tulips, wooden shoes and blisters from hell. The Hollandite riders are very excited to be riding a Grand Tour in their home country, every other rider is dreading the long transfer after 4 stages.
A few notables in this most Spanish of Grand Tours:
-Keep an eye (and don't blink) on America's fastest man on a bike Tyler Farrar, he's been on a tare in the last few weeks winning Vattenfall Cyclassics and winning 3 stages and wearing the leaders jersey in the Eneco Tour.
-I will say that the Vuelta will be very easy to watch considering Ivan Basso, Mr. Adorable (Gerald Ciolik), Karsten Kroon, and my little Chechu are all racing.
-Alexander Vinokourov is back on a bike and racing. I got some mixed feelings about that.
-The Schleck are racing, so my judgement gun is out. They're really skinny, so I have to be precise with my aim.
-Pieter Weening's racing for Rabobank.....need I say more.
And the Tour of Missouri is coming up as well....more on that later. -Star

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the pain..

that is summer in Phoenix. Nebraska was nice- until the last two days. Boo - your cupcakes were amazing and Star your house was very clean.
So, while we were busy, Steve Nash was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire to play for his charity. They must have thought he was a dumb jock not from canada, cause they gave him a pretty easy question. Mo Rocca also tried to act like the question was hard. Steve was his usual charming self, with shiny, shiny hair. The highlight is Regis putting the jersey on like a smock.
Star - help me out. Is it true Tyler Farrar won a Classic? that puts him elite american cycling company. Also, David Millar has a new blog post about the start of the Vuelta. David, you are the pastiest, funniest cyclist.
One more thing, the royal-esque d-backs (coming off a 7 game losing streak) have the most adorable little Aussie playing for them. He's spent a long time in the minors, but has done well since being called up. Don't worry about knowing his name cause he's gonna be back in Reno soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yea!!! The God of Thunder!!

Thor Hushovd will be at the Tour of Missouri, so I have another chance to have coffee with him prior to the Time Trial. Come on down to Sedalia and join Star and me. Or come to KC, I think the Dirtman will be joining us for the criterium. - boo

S%&# or get off the pot.....

yes, I'm talking to you Brett Favre. Seriously, this isn't like choosing to have a padded toilet seat or not (go with padded).
What gets me is what he wore to his press conference. I'm not on the up and up of fashion, but is he also mowing the grass for the Vikings?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cycling Update......

Since the Tour de France, the cycling world has been full of rumours of who's going to what team and who's starting the Vuelta e Spana (Tour of Spain) and Tour of Missouri (personally very interested).
But nothing can be officially announced regarding riders changing teams until Sept 1. But here are some changes that are going on. Chris Horner doesn't even know where he'll end up, but with whomever he's signs, Horner thinks they will be getting their money's worth. Kind of like the company I work for....ok, not really.
The Vuelta is starting Aug 29 and here's a rough start list. Tyler Farrar will get a chance to go mano a mano with Tom Boonen for the sprints, which should be interesting. They have Christian Vande Velde starting, but I've also heard he's defending the Tour of Missouri, maybe he's been cloned? Chechu will be starting for sure, this is the one Grand Tour he asks to go to, so he won't be in Missouri :(
And speaking of the Tour of Missouri, starting Sept 7, everyones favorite German rider that has a face of steel: !JENS! could be there! Oh sweet day!!! -Star

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sports suck right now.
To help you pass the time and get ready for fall races....
An article about a Phoenix man who recently ran Badwater.
And a blog post about getting fast or maybe faster - and fartleks - yeah, fartleks not what they sound like.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay

It has be a down period in the obscure sports world. Enjoying watching Andy in the Legg Mason where he is the short (6'2") guy in the tall man bracket. (Querry 6'6", Karlovic 6'10" and Isner 6'9") And he gets Del Potro (6'6") in the final. He is doing better than he thought he would after taking a month off. All I know is... can't wait for the US Open!!
The Royals are worse that they were last year, and this is after a start where they looked great... what went wrong? I mean, besides everybody getting hurt. All teams have injuries, it is just that the Royals are young and fragile and can't handle the pressure. But Zack got his first win since before the All-Star break. Good for him!
Football starts in less than a month!!! Yea!!!

Maybe it is cool in Argentina, but turquoise shorts and a muscle shirt????

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heckle the Fastest Man on wheels. . . in person

Well Star & Boo, sounds like you're gonna have to start practicing now, your heckling will have to be short and to the point since he's going by at 50mph.
Good luck with that.
Or just stand on the smallest incline, then you can read the entire paragraph you've prepared.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sad Day in the NFL

I know it's not an obscure sport, but's still a sad day. Stewart Bradley has a torn ACL & out for the season. :(
Ah Stewy, you may need some surgery. I'm not surgeon, but I can see a very good hospital from my window, so I can give you excellent directions. But you won't be able to drive with the bum knee.... so I'll drive, no worries. Just get better & don't stop smiling, you have the finest grill in the NFL, but thank you for getting a haircut.

Its been 13 days since a steve nash posting

You are due.
Quote from Steve who is receiving a honorary degree from University of Victoria (where he grew up practicing in their gym) "It's about time, All the books and essays I've contributed to modern science and whatnot, it's the least they can do"* **
*extra point for the use of "whatnot" Stevie - sometimes you are so canadian.
** the canadian papers took out the "whatnot" - the AZ paper kept it in.
File under adorably self-deprecating.