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Monday, May 25, 2009

NBA, the memorial day picnic version

LeBron tried to beat the Orlando Magic last night while his teammates jumped rope till the jump rope broke, then they just sat around telling knock knock jokes like they were at some sort of picnic. Unsurprisingly LeBron lost, 'cause even though he's the king he can't guard 5 other people. JJ Redick didn't get off the bench and is thinking of defecting to a boy band. And then they showed Dwight's shoulders.
The End. 
Happy Memorial Day everyone.
I've got to go drink by/in the pool. 


  1. I think that would be a ladybug picnic.

    MmmHmm, Dwight's shoulders.....

  2. One of my favorite Sesame Street cartoons. I made Star watch all of them that I could find on YouTube one Wednesday night.