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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giro Update (stage 4) - by star

Oh Jens Voigt, it would have been soooo awesome to see you take the stage after being in a break all day. It was very hard to watch Jens get caught with 3 K to go.

I need to check to see who's all in this race, it seems to be Columbia and LPR....they've taken all the stages and worn all the pink jerseys. Hhmmm.

Ivan Basso was on the front for parts of this stage, he makes my eyes happy.

Solar tried out his impression of was pretty dead on. That had to be the longest last K of his life, and then to get passed up by Di Luca in the last 200 meters....pretty heartbreaking.

It was kind of funny to watch the pictures on the last climb the difference between the from of the leading peloton and then the autobus in the back. Just looking at the faces I would have rather been in the back, they looked like they were having fun, and Dave Z was there to tell stories!

My little mountain goat Chechu moved up a few spots, he's 55th, 4:40 back.

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  1. Oh Jens!...thats a great photo. Perhaps we should refer to him as Jens! -always. I also think that Ivan looks a bit like Jude Law in that photo-I've never noticed that before and it's not 'cause I haven't spent lots of time staring at pictures of him.
    I have a feeling listening to Dave Z tell stories is like watching a Michel Gondry film - strange, disorienting, funny, dreamlike & kinda odd.