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Saturday, May 23, 2009

High Fives & Going for Five

Ok, so LeBron's a beast but I'm also pretty impressed that no matter how terrible the Magic play they actually stay in the game. I love the Cavs team chemistry though, which is why I think they'll eventually win the series.* I know its pretty girly of me, but I always watch for team chemistry, like rushing to help a teammate up, congratulating others, bench enthusiasm, etc. Right now, the Cavs and Nuggets have it in spades, the Magic not so much, Team Kobe is way too busy tip-toeing around, worried about receiving a ninja throwing star in the back of their skulls.
* if LeBron stays healthy, of course.
Also, Rafa gets the opposite side of the draw from Rogerer and Djokovic in the quest for his fifth French Open title. More importantly, he now has real shorts not pirate pants and they've taken the extra fabric and given him sleeves. 
Former Royals pitcher Billy Buckner got his first win as a D-back last night. Yes, I kinda pay attention to baseball, only kinda and when I'm all caught up with 30 Rock on the DVR.


  1. So, couldn't find a shirtless picture of the Andys (Roddick... ok, Murray....maybe ick)? Rafa is what, about 5% body fat?

  2. I've got the shirtless Roddick picture ready for his first round loss. I'll pass on Murray. Rafa is great - from the neck down especially.

  3. I think he will make it into the second round this year. Married life might just agree with him!

  4. Majors
    Look out the four sisters blog is going mainstream. My latest SI has a link to this blog in the off the grid section.

    Props to the cycling beat reporter, pretty impressive coverage and information.

    With the French Open less than six hours from starting I would like to talk a little tennis.
    So everyone is back on the Fed train. Roger actually pulls off a straight set victory at the Madrid Open bringing the rivalry to 7-13 against Nadal. Federer didn’t receive any favors in his draw at the 2009 French Open as he has a tough first round match against Alberto Martin. Andy Murray in Nadal’s half of the draw has a clay court specialist as well against Juan Ignacio Chela. Andy Roddick once the great American tennis hope (he still plays tennis?) will square up against the local young gun, Romain Jouan. It is tough to bet against Nadal as he tries to up his record to 35-0 at Rolando Garros. We will see what kind of desire Federer has as he desperately wants to complete his tennis career grand slam with the French. Much like pistol Pete Sampras can you be measured as the best (14 Career Grand Slam wins, Fed is at 13) when you haven’t won on all surfaces? Sampras made a desperate push in his later years to win on the clay at Roland Garros, but to no avail.
    As for the former great American tennis hope, AROD, holder of one major with a US Open title has never been able to take the next step. One major victory has been a disappointment for Andy. Roddick who just recently lost to Federer in the quarters of the Madrid Open (bringing his career record against Roger to 2-18) has become a second tier player on the tour. However, off the court Andy may have won his biggest match when he recently was married to Brooklyn Decker, Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. This should be considered as a career grand slam for AROD (originally from Omaha, NE). Unfortunately American Express dropped Andy so we won’t be able to see any ads with Andy checking his latest major trophy on the airplane. At least Andy is one up on Roger Federer off the court. Roger recently married his 9-year pregnant girlfriend and agent, Mirka Vavrinec (Frumpy). AROD 1, FED 0.

    Unfortunately you can not like photos when you post a comment as I had shirtless photos of AROD and FED as well as Brooklyn and Frumpy.

  5. Welcome non-family member. wow - a little intimidated by your tennis knowledge. It appears you actually have looked at the tournament pairing, weird.
    Yeah, that Nebraska native Andy (did you know he has a bathroom decorated in Husker stuff? awesome) can't seem to put anything together besides his serve. But he may have out-kicked his coverage with the new wifey.
    Many thanks to the blog gods for not letting you link to a shirtless picture of Frumpy.

  6. Thanks for the props Anonymous.
    SI's off the grid is so off the grid that no one can find it....they should do some promos on that.
    But then someone might find out about it!