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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rogerer gets his mojo back?

Tennis anyone? with the French open starting this weekend. Rogerer appears to have gotten his mojo back beating Rafa in the final of the Madrid Open (yes, on clay). Maybe it was the grainy non-HD footage, but Rafa looked rough, not it a good way. But I think Rafa had a hard time with Djokovic in the semis.
Was finally cleaning my house this weekend - and came across last month's Runner's World. Don't know if you all saw the article about Matt Long, a New York firefighter. If you have time read it - he's amazing and surprise, surprise, he's cute too.
David Stern/Gatorade/Nike can stop buying Houston Rocket voodoo dolls. Sighs of relief all around in NBA head offices, Yes, Mr. Stern your rating bonanza finals is still a possibility. Shane, I'll miss you.
Okay, I'm sure you guys didn't watch SNL this weekend - but on weekend update Seth Meyer and Amy Poehler really took it to ASU. brilliant. Plus Seth Meyer=adorable.


  1. I have read that article on Matt Long. Yes to both.
    I REALLY did watch SNL this weekend. REALLY.

  2. I almost titled that post "Really?!?

  3. So, are you covering the French Open? I call the Indy 500. Dirtman has been reading up on it, so maybe I will make him the guest poster, or at least a valuable reference.

  4. I can do whatever...once this week is over....very, very busy at work.
    so sad.
    however I'm back to my cushy schedule next wednesday.
    dirtman has been reading up on the indy? color me surprised-you guys are quite the gearheads now.