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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cy Young and Big XII North Champs

During the last week, a couple good things happened. Well, at least in the sporting world that I care about.

Zack Greinke, the crazy good young KC pitcher won the AL Cy Young in a landslide. And by crazy good, that is both crazy and good. As discussed in many other posts, Zack is a bit of a head case, but recovered well enough to strike out most of the American League, and quite a few of the National during interleague play... In an excellent week for him, he also married his high school sweetheart, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I guess that's great if you like the perky blond swimsuit model-type. Whatever.

In a completely unrelated story, the Huskers won the Big XII North championship. That is kind of like me winning a foot race with Trent, Alex, Zach and Anna. And then having to race Mitch in the Championship game. Oh, well, at least Bret wasn't in the race. She might have smoked me.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

TNT Checklist/Drinking Game

Pop your popcorn kiddies, settle in tonight and see if your Suns can break their 14 game TNT losing streak. Yep, that's all last year, plus pre-season. Not good. Also not good are the New Orleans Hornets without CP3, so the Suns have a good chance at this one. Here's your checklist/drinking game play along at home....
1. Kenny's tie knot will be slightly smaller than his head, only slightly.
2. Charles will make 3 inappropriate/racial references/jokes and only mention the Sun's in the context of turrrible defense...just turrrible.
3. Steve Nash with get fouled (maybe) not get the call (definitely) and will waste the entire next defensive possession yelling the the refs, gesturing wildly with arms & hair, and perhaps (if we're lucky) making glasses out of his fingers.
4. Can-Jez will make one pass that thats so ridiculous that you will drop your popcorn, not figuratively, literally- rewind your dvr and see it again.
5. Amar'e will play 33% of the game completely disinterested in defense, 100% overly tatooed and drop 2-3 easy passes.
6. Jared Dudley will be so annoying, you'll be yelling..."Mom, Jimmma is picking on us" but he won't be - that would be JD being the biggest pest you can imagine. His over/under for times he hits the floor is 5 (8 if its a blowout)
Let's go Suns!
Remember last NBA playoffs when I told you about Ron Artest being crazy? this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey Everybody!!

So, been a while, but I've been inspired. Who watched the Breeders Cup yesterday? Because it was fantastic.
Zenyatta is a ginormous 5 year old mare. Bigger than all the boy horses. And the Breeders Cup has never been won by a filly. In fact, only 6 or 7 have ever run it. But she's undefeated, so how about they give her a run? She actually was the favorite, somewhat surprising.
To start with, some other horse goes crazy and has to be scratched at the gate. So all the other horses are just loaded up waiting, probably not good for these somewhat high-strung animals. So she breaks bad out of the gate, and is dead last through most of the race.
But going around the last curve, she kicks it in. Silly. Fast.
And that's the story.
Also, I think V and I are going to lose again in Fantasy Football. Big Surprise.

Good sports day yesterday

Husker football managed an ugly but satisfying win over the Sooners, the VB team spanked Ia State. That wouldn't have been news not long ago, but Christie Johnson has got those Cyclones playing some pretty good volleyball. 2 BigXII teams in the top 10. Pac10 got nothin' on us.

And on the hater side... Iowa, ND and Michigan all lost. Sniff, sniff.... hehehehe.

Star will have to tell about her Beer and Bagel run today. I think she had lots of fun!!!

Happy Birthday to the Dirtman!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cycling & Whatnot

Surprise of the cycling off-season: Cadel Evans signs with BMC Racing Team. What the?? you too. He still had one year on his contract with Silence-Lotto (a pro tour team), but BMC bought it out & he signed a 3 year contract with BMC (not a pro tour team). I guess Cadel will have Big George and Karsten Kroon to help him out & maybe get him to that top step of the podium of a Grand Tour.

Poor Tommy Haas has H1N1. I think he needs a hug....once he's not contagious. And Marat Safin is retired, just saying.

Oh and it's 100 days until the Vancouver Olympics!! Obscure Sports Heaven!!

Quick, before they lose.

Feeling pretty good that I managed to escape the midwest with nary a sniffle, that I get to watch Dwight Howard and Two-time (MVP that is) tonight in HD and that the Dunkin Donuts by my house is finally open - yes!
Okay, so the Suns are undefeated (4-0). And if you read my NBA prediction post last week you would see that I totally nailed it. or not. But I'm gonna be right about Cleveland. fo sure.
But back to Captain Fantastic - he's just sick. Not literally, but he's playing like the best point guard in the NBA, channeling the old white guy at the YMCA and whatnot, they say don't swim with sharks but he's faster than sharks so its not a big deal.
But I have to post this quick since they are most likely going to be 4-1 after tonight.
Unrelated, Andre Agassi's meth use makes me understand his poor clothing & hair choices a little better.