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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giro Update (stage 12) by star

Danilo de Luca was dressed like a pink nightmare. Ok, so he didn't have footie pajamas or floppy ears, but he was rather pink.

Levi (he looks so small) did very well, just not good enough to win the stage or be in the top 2 of the GC. But we've got 4 mountain top finishes in the last week. That's right, I didn't stutter, 4 mountain top finishes. This race is far from done.

Ivan Basso was on a bike today. He makes my eyes smile.

Janez 'The Fencepost' Brajkovic got 4th on the stage. (5'10", 127 lb) I think he's gained some weight!

Dave Z didn't really do anything today. But I thought this was a cool pic. At the Tour of CA he had the red, white and blue argyle skin suit, now his helmet is red, white & blue. Maybe by the Tour de France, he'll get the matching booties!!

Oh ya, Rabobank's Denis Menchov won the stage and the maglia rosa. I couldn't find any good pictures of him....but at least he's is better looking then 'The Chicken'.

Oh Chechu, my Chechu is sitting 44th at 32:14 back. And he had a bad day yesterday, that's why he lost so much time.

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