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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giro Update (stage 6) by star

A little late on the update due to the fact that I just got back from Wicked with Boo and Fifi. As a review I give it a tall glass of cranberry juice with a double shot of Grey Goose!!

Today's stage was compared to that of a Classics race. So fittingly a breakaway won the stage. Nothing of real interest happened. The GC contenders finished all together. So moving on....

Astana is going to change kits before the end of the week. It's not because of a new's just a new look. I wonder how the riders that haven't been paid in weeks feel about that. Maybe they can sell the old kits to put food on the table.

Just to take a closer look at the top ten GC right now:
2 riders from an American Team (Columbia-Highroad) are in the top 3
2 Americans in the top 10, but they aren't on the American team

The last rider in the GC (at the Tour de France is it the Lanton Rouge, I'm not sure what they call it in the Giro) his name is Bart Dockx, a Belgium rider for Silence-Lotto. How many nasty nicknames was he called at a child? It's almost as bad a Pieter Weening, but not quite.

I found a website with some cool videos from the Giro, mostly riders interviews. I found out Chris Horner loves In N Out Burger. I guess he does have taste!!

The cutest rider in the peloton, Chechu, is 46th, 8;25 off the leader.


  1. Yes, Chris Horner is one of us. Did you see the bear claw he ate before a stage at the ToC? He also sucks down Cokes and Snickers during stages. I know a lot of guys drink Coke, but not sure many do the Snicker thing on top of it. He seems to be a great guy and as close to an "average joe" as you will se in the pro peloton.

    Also, check out his posts at, good stuff.

  2. As a side note to the Chris Horner bear claw, the real god of thunder, Thor Hushovd, ate a danish and drank a latte 45 minutes before his TT in ToC. Obviously, not a TT specialist. But very friendly. And awful cute.