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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rocking the Argyle

Some chicks dig argyle, but really Christian?
And I don't know what to say about Dave Z.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stupid Jinx

Yes, I'm talking to you Sports Illustrated Cover. Husker fans are not happy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pool Party!!!

Those crazy D-backs. I guess going from worst to first calls for a pool party.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Novak's no Djoke

He's had one of the best season's a player could have. He's lost only twice this year and has won 3 Grand Slams. The latest in NYC by breaking Rafa Nadal 10 (ten, diez, devet) times. Rogerer, are not alone.
And a double high five to Jack Sock for being half of the Grand Slam winning team of mixed doubles with Melanie Oudin. I'd toast him, by he's only 18.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Uses For That Giant Cornhead

Those expat Nebraskans down here in the Valley of the Sun are glad the Cardinals signed Kevin Kolb, now they have more socially acceptable chances to wear the foam corn hats.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tennis with a little touch of Nebraska

Well, not really a little touch, a prime time match up on Aurther Ashe stadium in the biggest Grand Slam of the year. Andy Roddick and Jack Sock are playing tonight. I just hope they don't embarrass each other.
And Maria Sharapova it's all good.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...and a little bit of that.

We're not the only one paying attention to Jakob.
boo and my biceps are larger then Andy Schlecks. (boo put picture here).
The US Open has begun and almost perfectly, except Maria Sharapova pulled out the win. Welcome back James Blake. We've missed you. And Mardy Fish won, too.
-Star there...

Monday, August 29, 2011

A little bit of this....

OK, so it's been awhile and actually a lot has happened in cycling. So a quick update:
In the Vuelta's opening stage Leopard-Trek won the Team Time Trial, putting Jakob Fuglsang in the leaders jersey. I believe he was a rider to watch for in the Tour. FYI: keep an eye out for him in Spain, too.
It's really hot in Spain, so Cav quit.
Tyler was all geared up for the first real sprint stage in the 7th stage, but got tangled up 100 meters from the finish and wend down HARD. At the finish line he went straight to the hospital, but was cleared after xrays showed nothing broken. So the next morning Tyler coughs up some blood, the team sends him back to the hospital, still nothing shows up so he starts the stage. After about 35 K he coughs up some more blood, so the team pulled his from the race. Still don't know if he was hurt more seriously then they thought.
Heinrich was in a break for a long time on one stage.
Dan Martin wins a mountain top finish with Wiggins making a big move up the GC.
In the ITT today Sky has ended up putting 2 riders in the top 3 on GC, and we saw it all on the telly.
Rest day.

In the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, for those that aren't on a rocky mountain high, Tour of Colorado, much happened.
Some young German on HTC won the downhill prologue.
Levi took it the next day.
Tejay took it the following day, whole Gorgeous George won the stage. Tejay said the Levi doesn't have the balls and can't go downhill very fast.
Levin brings the hammer the following day in a uphill time trial and make Tejay look like the young kid that he is. I guess not having balls makes it easier to ride uphill fast.
The last 3 stages were pretty uneventful, no change in the GC.
On the stalking side of the USAPCC, we got the #1 goal we set for ourselves, Ivan Basso, except I don't' think he really wanted to be photographed, maybe because I grabbed his arm to get his attention.
We wanted to get Pieter Weening, except we took a picture with Robert Gesink and some other hairy Dutch rider for Rabobank.
Dave Z was wandering around without a shirt. He has the Chris Evans/Captain America look pre-super shot down pat.
Flex had a run with the peloton up Wolcott Pass and then got yelled at by the Mavic motorcycle guys, so he stopped running.
Jude had a good ol' time in Breckenridge post race. She invited Danny Pate to Thanksgiving, shook hands with Fankie Andreu, didn't remember who Danny Summerhill was despite seeing him about 4 times within 5 minutes. We eventually made her take a picture with him so she would remember who he was. She got autographs from Tommy D, Christian and George Hincapie. She would have gotten Levi's too, but didn't have a pen.
Now we all need a rest after that vaca.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post Tour

I know this is late, but better then never. Besides the Vuelta a Espana starts on Saturday.
Cadel Evans - Seriously, the guy is do. He crashed out last year after riding several stages in yellow and a broken elbow. He's been second a couple of times. And he's old. Cadel is the winner the Tour needed while dealing with this Alberto mess.
Garmin - After the second stage, Garmin was already having the best Tour they've ever had. Those 3 other stage wins, multiple days in yellow, top ten rider AND tops in the team competition....stupid awesome.
Big George Hincapie - He has ridden in 16 tours, finishing 15 and leading the race leader onto the Champs-Elysees 9 times. George = best ever domestic.
Crazy throwback attacks for 70k out - That makes the races exciting, not the lack of race radios.
Mark Cavendish - After looking at the route, he said that he'd win 5 to 7 stages. He got 5, plus the green jersey and keeps climbing the list of riders with most stage wins. The boy is fast.
The Dutch Corner - Loud drunks dressed in orange....everybody's a winner.
Tommy V & Tommy D - The future of French and American cycling delivered. Both finishing in the top ten.
Female crazies represented on the mountains - It's not just guys being stupid anymore! Whoo!
Norwegian cyclists - Two riders got 4 stage wins. While compared to the French, where 45 riders won 1 stage.
People who hate Cav - Yes, he's a d-bag, whether he wins or loses. He just won a lot this year.
Cyclists thrown in to fences by cars - Totally not cool, the tour is hard enough, try doing it with 33 stitches in you backside.
Alberto Contador - I know that it's his job to ride a bike, but he seriously struggled to stay upright during the first week. But at least he got to punch a schlug dressed as a doctor on Alpe D'Huez.
Vino's Pelvis - He is strong like ox, unfortunately he needed to be strong like tree to stay in the tour. He's crazy, nonsensical attacks will be missed by the spectators, but not really by the peloton.
Uninspired road paintings - What? No ball? Or curse words? Maybe I need to learn Dutch.
Radioshack - I've rarely seen a rider drop out from a concussion, but that you lose 2 riders from the same team within days of each other.... your karma sucks. Yes, Johann, this is directed towards you.
Niether here or there:
Schlecks - Finished 2nd and 3rd, but was 1 day from finishing 1st and 2nd....maybe someday the Tour will come out with a route that has no time trials or descents. Cross your fingers, Andy.
Jokes about cheese - They are funny, it's just the punchline that gets to you. Whew.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tour Stage 21

Well, it's all over now. Why are the fastest 3 weeks of the year always during the Tour de France? And this year was a really great tour.
It was great to see Big George leading BMC and the yellow jersey onto the Champ-Elysees. And really happy to see Cadel Evans win. He really worked for this one and not once hit the deck. It looks like someone needs a hug.
The yellow jersey gives Little Tommy V tenacity.
GO USA!! An American team won over half the stages this year, won the yellow & green jersey, and team competition. And that was with no help from RadioShack.
Norway announcers are very excitable.
My Argyle Armada had a dream tour. And almost got Dave Z to smile.
Jens. Oh Jens.
Until next year.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour Stage 20 cont.

Who said there was no crying in cycling? Not Cadel Evans, he's never said that. And if he did, it was more of a do as I say, not as I do.
Those Schleck brothers really, really need to learn how to time trial. Poor guys, note that Frank was wearing Andy's skin suit, what's up with that?
George Hincapie is member of the winner of the Tour de France for the 9th time. Way to go Big Sexy.
I've found some Jens gold.
Tommy D is back!!
Christian's hanging around too.

Tour Stage 20

Good Morning. I will be attempting to live blog the Versus coverage of the stage. I predict that Fabian Cancellara will win the stage and Cadel Evans will be in yellow at the end of the day.
7:05 - They've spent the first 5 minutes talking about yesterdays was a good stage.
7:10 - Phil Liggett's wife was an Olympic speed skater. The things you learn on an early Sat morning.
7:12 - Fabian Cancellara has already finished and is in the lead, it's too bad we've missed Spartacas.
7:18 - boo just brought me some chai and a croissant. Thanks boo.
7:27 - Richie Porte just beat Fabian? David Millar had a terrible ride? What the what?
7:45 - Thomas De Gendt new best time? Seriously, what is going on?
7:59 - Tony Matin's picking 'em up and laying 'em down. Just caught his second rider. Poor Edvard Boassen Hoagan, he's so strong he broke his handle bars.
8:11 - Versus shows a lot of commercials. It would be ok if they all had Bobke or Dave Z.
8:22 - Tony Martin road that race like there was a motor on his bike.
8:42 - Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie Phillipe Gilbert.
8:57 - Good Morning Ivan Basso ;)
9:09 - Tommy Voecklers helmet has dimples. Isn't that adorable?. And he's the pride of all France.
9:12 - Cadel Evans look very serious. Good Luck to him. and yes Phil, Frank Shleck is terrible in the ITT.
9:13 - If you looked up unattractive in the dictionary you would see Andy Shleck in a oversized time trial helmet and yellow skin suit.
9:18 - Andy is off, now it all comes down to this.
9:26 - The split from Cadel to Andy has gone from 57 seconds to 43, so by British math Cadel has pulled back 10 seconds.
9:40 - At first time check Cadel's going strong and Andy has gone slower then Frank. I think I could beat Frank in the TT. Frank's terrible.
9:47 - Cadel's the virtual leader of le Tour, I hope he hasn't gone out to quick.
9:52 - Nice finish Tommy D! Way to tear it up Cadel!!
9:56 - Alberto's doing a storming ride, too. That would be a good name for a race horse.
10:08 - Congrats Cadel!! That was a fantastic ride.
10:11 - The time trial is called the race of truth, and the truth is that the Shlecks are terrible time trialists.
10:17 - Now it's official, Cadel is first, Andy in 2nd and Frank in 3rd in the standings after today. The Aussies now have a Tour winner and the Luxembouges have a long winter ahead of them. Tony Martin won the stage, Fabian was disappointingly 8th. I think Garmin kept their team classification.
In conclusion, it ended just like I thought: the DVR is the greatest invention ever because Versus has some terrible commercials and they play them a lot.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tour Stage 19

The French won a stage!!! It only took them 19 tries. That's a better record then their military.
For a stage on only 109 K there was a lot of action, with Alberto Contador attacking very early, but only ending up 3rd on the stage. He got a little punchy on Alp d'Huez.
Tommy Voeckler lost the yellow, not really surprising, but he was still pissed.
Garmin did a great job solidifying their top team status. Sideburns can hardly contain himself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tour Stage 17

It's a good thing I learned to spell Norwegian, because Edvard "Babyface" Boassen Hagen won today. That's his second and the countries 4th stage win. That would be 4 more wins then the French. Well, that's not all that surprising.
The descent was again a little scary today. Riders have a hard time staying on the road, but no hard crashes.
Tomorrow will be exciting. Lots of big hills.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tour Stage 16

Oh happy day, Thor won again!! And our favorite Canadian, who's actually part Norwegian came in 3rd. Sideburns was overjoyed. And they all lived happily ever after. Ok there's still 5 stages to go and Thor's contract with Gamin is up at the end of the let's go with: there will be champagne tonight!

A bunch of other stuff happened further down the race. Cadel put time in everyone, AC found his racing legs, it took 2 rest days to find them and the Schleck boys are afraid of going downhill. You can read more here. I have a proposed rule for next year, if downhills are too scary for you, you can't flex at the finish if you win, you have to find another victory salute.

After the sprint on Sunday there was some riders accusing our most personable sprinter, Cav, of hanging on to bumpers up the previous days climb. Buy HTC's directors have convinced the race marshalls that Cav was just pushing the cars up the mountains.

Dave Z's got some time, so he spent it writing. We miss you too Dave.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Tour Stage 13

Thor is a Honey Badger. He freakin' attacked the breakaway on the Col F***ING A'ubisque, then almost time trialed it 40 k to the finish.

I'm not sure what more there is to say.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tour Stage 12

We've reached the mountains. How do I know? From all the drunk European men dressed in nothing by Speedos and shoes running beside the riders yelling and waving flags. You know the first thing you forget when planning for a day of drinking, running, yelling and flag waving: getting dressed. But to change it up a little we had some cornheads on the Col de Tourmalet with around 36.1 km to go. Go Big Red!!
Sammy Sanchez (current Olympic champion) won the day, but the really winners were the Tommys. Thomas Voeckler stayed in yellow on Bastille Day. Paul Sherwin said that he was just talking to his teammate infront of him on Luz Ardiden, but I think he was singing. If I read his lips correctly it was "Pumped Up Kicks", if it wasn't, it should have been, that's a catchy song. Tommy Danielson also surprised everyone by keeping with the big boys until 1 K left, moving up to top ten.
The losers would the whole team of Radioshack, Andres Kloden crashed again, lost a bunch of time. Levi Lephiemer also load lots of time. I think the next tweet by Johan Bruyneel will be "worst tour, ever". Oh and Alberto Contador, he lost more time to the big boys....that just doesn't happen to AC. This could be his first Grand Tour that he entered and didn't win.
With all that happened on Luz-Ardiden, I've almost completely forgot about Geraint Thomas almost crashing over the edge of a mountain and them Thomas Voeckler riding into a car on the same corner. Such an exciting day today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour Stage 10

Mark Cavendish has been beat again. This time by former teammate and not best friend, Andre Griepel. And there was not pouting, has Cav grown up?
Johnny Hoogerland is a new favorite tour rider. And has good teammates, Marco Marcato went into the break and got all the mountain points he could to keep Johnny in the pokadot jersey. This is so a team sport.
For those that watched the stage of Versus, how many times have you changed your shoe while riding at 60 kmh, then end up peddling with just your sock?
Uh oh, Jens is on Twitter @thejensie. He had to use that because Floyd Landis took every variant on his name. That's just not nice Floyd.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I guess the wire had barbs...

Not for delicate eyes, you've been warned.

Kids, This Is How You Don't Quit

The drama, the anguish, the perceived unfairness, the actual unfairness, the flopping, the excessive use of magic spray, The never-give-up attitude of Team USA. It actually was as good as the overdramatic ESPN highlights made it out to be.
First off, there's a lot of talk about the Brazilians excessive gamesmanship, I guess I watch too much NBA because I didn't think it was that bad. Yes, they were quite dramatic and managed to turn all neutrals in the crowd against them and the sudden non-contact injury suffered by Ericka was ridiculous (ah, the restorative powers of a 3 second stretcher ride).
But Brazil is fun to watch, if incapable of playing like an actual team. Marta is both "deft and clever", fast, mean, OMG dramatic, talky, and has super fancy feet. But Brazil reminded me a bit of a Mike D'Antoni coached Suns team - only interested in offense - but without the "team" aspect.
The US played solid in the first thirty minutes, after receiving a gift of an own goal 74 seconds in. But Brazil was showing dangerous offensive flashes by the end of the half. It was only when the US got good and pissed, after Rachel Bueler got sent off in the 66th min. and Brazil was rewarded a second penalty kick for some sort of alleged US infraction, that they started playing with grit and determination.
Hope Solo lived up to the "best in the world" tag, stopping a PK to give the US the win. She is someone you love on your team, hate when she's playing you. Attitude galore. If you noticed during the PKs, Solo walked out to goal slowly, sauntering closer and closer to the Brazilians with the "bithz please" face in full effect until the side ref started following to shoo her in goal. But she had the goods and Kevin Durant has vowed to name his daughter after her.
Abby Wambach was a stud (who is not surprised at this?) Christine Rampone and Shannon Boxx were completely solid. Megan Rapinoe came on in the second half and provided a spark, a dash of punk elfin attitude and a ball delivered square to Wambach's head in the 122nd minute. The US fitness sure played a part, as Brazil appeared to be sucking air, the US seemed less gassed- even with covering the field with 10.
With Japan's improbable upset of Germany, all of a sudden the US road to the World Cup looks pretty good.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crazy Obscure Sports Day...

And it's not over yet... (Davis Cup to come.)

Crazy day in the TdF. Lots of folks hitting the floor, some much harder than others. Crazy Vino has probably ended his career in a ditch with a broken pelvis. Dave Z breaks a wrist, and is immediately concerned about the Tour of Colorado. A French TV car runs the King of Mountains into a barbwire fence. Even Phil and Paul were astonished by the types of crashes.

Even crazier was the Women's World Cup match. I didn't watch it all, but noticed that it seems that the women are picking up the flopping habit from the men. As it turns out, good thing Erika (are all Brazilian women known by only one name?) faked an injury for so long. That put enough extra time on the clock to allow for a match-tying goal by Abby Wambach. Also, I saw Marta put a horsecollar on an American. Nothing was called. I will allow Lilly to comment on the match further. She knows way more about this than me.

Davis Cup update to come. (Probably by Star) they are down 2-1 to Spain in this tie, with hopes riding on Mardy and A-Rod in the reverse singles. Good luck!!


Davis Cup: Mardy Fish lost the 4th point in 4 to Ferrer (sad face).

Today's Tour stage was a crashtastrophy. Poor Dave Z......he didn't know what was coming.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour Stage 7

Cav won again today, but the bigger story (if there could be one bigger then Cav) was the crash. Bradly Wiggins, the pride of Britain, because Cav is a prick, is out with a broken collar bone. Others, Levi - Ryder - etc, lost big time, but the scariest was when Chris Horner hit his head. I'm guessing he won't start tomorrow.
As Tyler says, that's bike racing.
Let's hope for safer racing tomorrow.

Please bikers, learn how not to wreck

I'm wondering (as a golfer who rarely experiences high speed or injury of any kind) why so many pro bicyclers go down. I mean, when is the last time a golfer stepped in front of a 120 mph driver shot and broke his collar bone? I realize training wheels are surely out of the question, but how about not tailgating!? Surely those bikers understand that if someone in front of you, going 50 mph, goes down and you're close enough behind that crasher to count his butt hairs under the biker tights, it could mean a wreck is coming. I really respect these iron men (except maybe for their frail upper torsos), but they really should protect themselves better and learn how not to wreck.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tour Stage 6

What a wet, messy day, but 2 Norwegens in the top 3. I think there's only 2 Norwegans in the whole peloton. Unfortunately the Nourwegian in 3rd was boo's favorite (and everyone else's) Thor. How many tries does it take me to spell Norwegian correctly? Four.
It was nice to see not only my Argyle Armada is the front, but Danny Pate, too. He looked like he needed a hug.
Poor Levi lost time after a crash in the last 6 K, and after the crash by Jani. I think that leaves Chris Horner as the Radioshack leader....interesting.
Siderburns speaks. And so does CVV.
Cipo on Cav.
For those not interested in the front of the race.....there's the back.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour Stage 5

It was a real crash-fest of a day. With Mark Cavendish winning the stage. Whoopeee* Tommy V made his signature futile breakaway that's caught right before the finish. And you know Tommy is riding as hard as he can, because his tongue is hanging out. Thor stayed in yellow!!!
You know who we haven't heard from this Tour? Jens, so a pic will have to hold us over.
Sprinters are the Honey Badgers of cycling. Except Tyler.
By the way, do you know what happens to your legs after 15 Tours? This.
*sarcasm alert

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yippeee, The Tour has started!!

Garmin-Cervelo has a really cool presentation before the tour. Here's Dave Z's take.
Stage 1: Philippe Gilbert rode his funky new hairstyle to a win. And defending champ Alberto Contador was left behind after a huge crash with 10 K to go. I believe Andy Schleck has already mailed a thank you note to Karma.
Stage 2: The Team Time Trial (TTT)...I love this event. It's breath taking to watch a good TTT. And it ended greatly with the Argyle Armada winning their first stage in Tour de France history. Seriouly, Sideburn's team is entering it's 4th Tour and have never won a stage. And put Thor in yellow....I know he looks good in a rainbow, but man, that yellow really brings out his dimples.
Stage 3: Tyler finally wins a stage!!! Sometimes the good guy does finish first. Look at how happy Julien and Thor are as they see him cross the line. But Cav can't lose quietly....note to Cav: don't mess with Thor.
Stage 4: Cadel Evans beat Alberto Contado by the width of a tire. "Dear Alberto, I'm not done yet. Sincerely, Karma." And amazingly Thor stays in yellow. He is a strong man of the peloton.

Quote of the Tour as far: By Bob Roll (not surprising) "Sprinters are the Honey Badger of cycling".
Who knew the Danish were eternal optimist?
It was great to see all my readers this weekend!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pre Tour de France

Everyone knows who's going to win this year, it will be some skinny guy, probably not from America. But I have provided a list of riders you need to seek out in the peloton. They look best winning a race, but most won't even come close. So watch for them on the boring flat stages where the cameras spend hours scanning peloton, because real racing won't be until the last 10 K.
In alphabetic order:
Ivan Basso-Italian-Liquigas: Super cute, thankfully has recovered from having his face catch him in a crash while training in May. Could be in for a top ten finish, but watch for him with the heads of state in any final mountain finishes.
Fabian Cancellara-Swiss-Leopard-Trek: SPARTACUS! This guy will be easy to find, especially during times trials. He's the one in the rainbow jersey, with an engine on his bike, wait...that would be him. He makes Rogerer Federer wish he could be the coolest Swiss sports star.
Gerald Ciolek-German-Quikstep: Mr. Adorable, he's more of a sprinter, but will be the leadout man for Tom 'Tomeka' Boonen. So watch for him between the 5th and last K left in sprint stages, he'll be fighting for the front.
Jakob Fuglsang-Danish-Leopard-Trek: Just noticed this pretty, young one this year, so you might know as much about him as me.....hahaha, seriously, sometimes I crack myself up.
George Hincapie-American-HTC-Highroad: Big Sexy is tying the record for the most Tours started. He'll be helping Cadel Evans battle for the podium, but hopefully BMC will give him some chances to win a stage.
Danny Pate-American-HTC-Highroad: He looks like an elf according to boo. But he's a cute elf, that's taller then me. This is only his second tour and his last one almost him a stage win, maybe this year?
Yaroslav Popovich-Ukranian-Radioshack: Popo doesn't speak English very well, but when you ask him for a photo, he's very accommodation and as cute as a button. He is one of the few Shack riders that will NOT be in contention for the podium.
Thomas Voeckler-French-Team Autocar: Watch for him singing to himself, where he's riding alone or in the middle of the peloton. He's likely to attack for no reason and usually at inopportune times, especially on Bastille Day.

Now starts the best 3 weeks of the sports year!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work Camp For You

U.S. Women started their World Cup quest with a 2-0 victory over North Korea (yes, they have a team and it is pretty much a mystery roster) North Korea's youth and matching hairdos were no match for the American's strength, skill and experience. However the No. Korean coach explained why the side lost - they were recovering from being hit by lightning, yep, lightning. That's a stroke of bad luck, eh?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sports Monday Roundup

-At the Tour of Swiss Levi Leiphiemer totally Greg LaMond'ed Damiano Cunego, a la Tour de Frand 1989. The Little Prince did not collapse like Lourent Fignon, but I'm sure he felt like s(*& afterwards. But shout out to Tommy D and Tejay getting into the top 11. U-S-A!! But the Swiss did get their day, actually 2, thanks to Fabulous Fabian Cancellara who won the Prologue and final day time trial....I'm good with that.
-Wembledon has started and you all know what that means? Everyone has to wear white and eat strawberry and cream. Mardy Fish won, as did Nadal, Venus in her jumper and Rogerer. With a rain delay, extra tennis tomorrow.
-Texas is the first team eliminated from the Baseball College World Series....HAHAHA.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who looks good wrapped in a rainbow?

This guy!!
Ok, I've been needing to post for awhile and Thor winning a stage is a great excuse. He looked good, jumped all over my favorite Slovokian rider Peter Sagan at the finish in the 3rd stage of the Tour of Swiss. There's 3 Americans in the top 15, but 6 stage to go.
In the Criterium Du Dauphine that finished on Sunday, Brit Bradley Wiggins won it all. He put a minute in the peloton in the time trial, then wouldn't let anyone get away from him on the climbs. Watch for him in France next month!!
Nadal and Li Na won the French Open. Good for them, except no one in the U.S. paid attention, which should be expected. Seriously, they play on dirt.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

French Open update

Even with all the Americans gone, they continue to play. And well done Li Na beating Maria Sharapova, I knew there was a reason I liked you.
And check out the men's semi's...1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. How often does that happen? I don't know, that's why I asked.

And a small glimps into Dave Z's mind. Poor #5. And he's a fan of Princess Bride, he has good taste.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Captain Americas

George Hincapie looks good in Stars and Stripes, or not, but he got pipped on the line by Matthew Busche of RadioShack. Busche just came off a Tour of California ride that put his teammates on the top 2 steps of the podium. He's young (only 26) and from Wisconsin AND he got 3rd in the Time Trial two days before. You may not know him know, but someday you will....when I get my picture taken with him.
Now, Dave "crazy legs" Zabriskie, everybody knows him and he's back as Cap't America...for the SIXTH TIME. He's a crazy maniac. Emphasis on the crazy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Giro finale

Alberto Contador totally Lance'd* the Giro this year. This makes him 6 for 6 on Grand Tours entered and won. The real competion was for 2nd.
Hats off: To David Millar, who won the last stage of the Giro.
Also to Peter Stetina, a young and up-and-coming US rider. In his first Grand Tour his job was to help Christophe LaMavel. He ended up getting 22nd overall and 3rd in the Young Rider competition. And he's only 23....remeber that name.
*rode away with a Grand Tour win while under suspision of doping.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tennis on Clay

Who plays that? Well, professional tennis players, but most of them not very good. We are in the first week of the French Open, I bet most of you didn't even know that. And I've got a get a post in while there are still some Americans playing. Mardy Fish is the last American man. The women's draw has Vania King and Bethanie Mattek-Sand. The Bryans Bros are still in as the #1 seed, but no one pays attention to doubles.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post Tour of Cali

boo and I survived the southern CA traffic and got to see some great racing. The first stage we were at finished in Paso Robles and not only did Thor Hoshovd drop out within first 20 K (crap), but Gustov Larsson crashed and had to be taken to the hospital (he survived). That's 2 of my top 10. At least we saw Jens Voigt finish....what did you say boo? He broke his wrist 2 stages before and just got an x-ray and now is heading back to Europe? **big frowny face and thumbs down** But there is Bob Roll, in I believe women's skinny jeans...that's something. And here's Oscar Freire.

The next day was the Individual Time Trial in Solvang. Our good friend that drives Garmin-Cervelo's bus confirmed that yes, David Zabriskie is pretty strange, Ryder Hesjedal is nice, and Christian Vande Velde is the most mature of the Garmen riders there. And I could see for myself that Johan Van Summeren is really tall. ***I'm standing on a curb to give me an extra 5 inches.

But the highlight of the ITT was meeting the voices of cycling Phil "Suitcase of Courage" Liggett and Paul "Wheelhouse to Engine Room: More Power" Sherwin. They like their fans.

Chris Horner, as winner of the whole shebang, got to pick supper. I have to say, excellent choice. I bet he got the 4x4, with animal fries and a large shake.


Tour of Cali - Stage 4+

Well done Chris Horner for stomping your authority all over this race. You made even your own teammate (Levi Leiphemer) look old and slow. Ironic that Chris the oldest rider in the race after Jen Voigt. Then holding off Levi again in the time trial in Solvang.
Yes, Chris does look like a old, bald man in person. More on that that later in the next episode of boo & Star Meet Cyclists!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tour of Cali stage 3

The British are coming!! The British are coming!!
Wait, Greg Henderson is from New Zealand, but that's close to Australia and he does ride for Sky, so we're going to just call him British. And he won today's stage and took the leaders jersey from teammate and fellow countryman Ben Swift. Now wake up Americans and win some stages in out biggest cycling race!!! Seventh is not good enough Taylor Phinney!
Thor Hoshovd if you do win, I'm totally claiming that as an American win. You ride of Gamin and I actually wish we had riders as cool as you, that goes for you too Jen Voigt (I hope you are feeling better).
I'm sorry to Nic Hamilton who rides for Jelly Belly, our Lanton Rouge. Yes, the ToC is officially recognizing the rider in last place. That's what you get when riding with just jelly beans as fuel.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tour of Cali stage 2

More Dave z.
Twelve-year-old Brit Ben Swift won today's shortened stage, no Donner pass. He rides for Sky and won the finishing sprint. Ok, he's not 12, but really he looks like it.
When Dave Z wakes up in the morning he pisses excellence.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cycling update

I know, the Giro started last weekend and I haven't updated. Well, that's because the first stage I was going to update was stage 3, the same stage that saw the first rider die racing in the Grand Tour in 16 years. So, I didn't really know Wouter Weylandt, but watching stage 4 was the saddest stage I've ever seen. It's been tough to get into the mood of racing. Going into the first rest day we have Alberto Contador about a minute lead on the peloton.
The Tour of Califonia was to start today, but it's snowing around Lake Tahoe, so they've cancelled the stage. It's a good thing they moved the ToC from February to May 2 years ago to avoid inclement weather. Heavy sigh. But Dave Z was happy. Oh and tomorrow the route goes over Donner Pass, I hope cycling has had enough tragedy for now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Thank God it's not my vomit": A half-marathon PR

Thanks to our sister Frankie for this guest post:

Pre run: Rational Running Frankie (RRF): Goal 1:40, so 7:47 splits, I can do this, that's only taking 4 min off my PR. Just go out slow, don't kill yourself the first 4 miles. Weather is perfect, no rain. It will be a great day.
Irrational Running Frankie (IRF): OMG, it's so cold, 1:40, what am I thinking. I can't do that, it is way too fast. My planter facistic hurts, I didn't poop that much, I gained 4 lbs, so that's an extra 20 lbs on impact on my joints at each step, no way I can do 1:40. What was I thinking, why did I tell people my goal? So stupid, stupid, stupid.
"RS" (annoying girl that I teach at bootcamp, who also weights as much as me without my legs and arms) told me before the start, "So I'm going to run with you, because I want to do it in 1:40". I say ok, but think I'm going to make sure your scrawny little butt isn't in front of me at the finish line.

Mile 1: 7:30 split: IRF: Oh crap, that is way too fast. I need to slow down. I can't do this the whole way. What am I thinking?
RRF: Ok so little quick but that's ok. You feel good, You got your grove, and you can do this. Just take your time. Channel Lilly, not Walker or Daryl.
"RS" - She asked what the split is, I say "7:30, too quick, I need to step it back a notch". RS says "Well it feels like we are crawling". I think to myself, go ahead, have a killer 10K time, double dog dare ya.

Mile 2: IRF: Oh crap, way to fast, think Lilly, think Lilly.
RRF: Feel good, weather is great. Hey, there is awesome sister Star, I bet she thinks I look fast.
Where is RS? Oh, there she is, right behind me following my every footsteps.

Mile 3: IRF: Oh crap, I'm going too fast. My legs are going to kill by mile 10. What am I doing?
RRF: Man I love Sheridan BLVD, beautiful homes, wonderful people out cheering everyone on. Oh look, there's Lori, the nurse that poked me in the butt with a steroid shot 2 days ago, cheering me on. I yell at her "man I feel great".
Where is RS? I have no idea and really don't care. I know she is not in front of me, so that's all that matters.
Mile 4: IRF: Going way too fast. Need to slow down. I really have pee. Really, really have to pee. My hands are still cold, crap why didn't I grab gloves.
RRF: DOWNHILL. Relax, run your run, have fun, let your legs carry you, feel GOOD. Oh well, if you pee yourself that is why you have black shorts, no one will know.

Mile 5: IRF: Crap crap crap, I'm hot. I need to get rid of my long sleeve shirt and didn't expect STAR and BOO so soon, and opposite side of the street. Man I hope I don't mess up my Farming and iPod taking off this shirt. Crap crap crap.
RRF: Good job Frankie, you got your long sleeve shirt off, got it to boo, and you are good. Enjoy the weather. You are good, 10 K right around the corner, you got this.

Mile 6: IRF: This bike trail better not be packed or I'm going to run in the wet grass, then that might aggravate my planter fascictic or I'm throwing punches. 46 min 10K HOLY HELL, PR ON 10K, WAY TOO FAST.
RRF: Ok bike trail, just hunker down and it will go fast. Just watch the trucks on Hwy 2. No problem you got your stride, 46 min 10K - awesome and I feel good.

Mile 7: IRF and RRF: Where did mile 7 go?

Mile 8: IRF: Shot Blocks, ok now I need water. Crap, where is the water? Yes, I need water. Oh hell, if I hold these then they will get warm and taste like warm flavored snot. How do I hold them without getting them warm?....Water, I need water.
RRF: Yes, I got my Shot Blocks, water stop and more energy. Man, I'm so lucky to have such great sisters, husband and Dang my kids are ADORABLE, cutest kids that I've seen on the course by far.

Mile 9: IRF: WHAT NO BEER STOP?!?! Oh hell, stupid, stupid, stupid.
RRF: No beer, that's good, I don't need beer in this temple. hey, there's Staci cheering on the runners, probably because she didn't want to get beat by me AGAIN.

Mile 10: IRF: This is so stupid. Who runs this fast? I quit. My left quad kinda hurts. I knew I went out too fast, what the hell was I thinking? That hill sucked, so tired, want to walk, so tired.
RRF: Ok, big hill done, left hip flex is feeling the strain, but nothing bad. I can so run through this, only a 5K to go. So easy, keep up the pase. I can do this, almost done.

Mile 11: IRF: OMG MY LEFT LEG HURTS, MY QUAD MUSCLE IS GOING TO POP ANY MINUTE, MY HIP FLEXOR WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Maybe I'm compensating for my planter fascitis and messing up my hip crap crap crap.
RRF: Ok, so little sore on the left quad, no biggie, will rest my cold beer on it tonight and call it "ice", Beer, that sounds good, I haven't had 1 for two weeks. I haven't gone that long without a beer since I was that is misery, this is just a little soreness.

Mile 12: IRF: I WANT TO WALK, MY HIP FLEXOR HURTS. I knew I shouldn't have gone out that fast. I have more then 1 mile, stupid RRF said only 1 mile and it's 1.1 miles. She is STUPID.
RRF: Only 1 more mile, you can do this! And guess what, you foot doesn't hurt. I wish IRC wouldn't be so loud.

Mile 13: IRF: That's it, I'm walking. This is so stupid. HATE IT, kick WHAT F#&%ing KICK? I don't have a kick, I did that on mile 1 when I went out too fast, stupid.
RRF: .1 miles, sweet, oh look there is the other instructors from bootcamp yelling at me...hells ya, I just found my kick. Man I love turf fields. Wow, that TV screen in big.

Mile 13.1: Ouchie, so want to sit down but this big National Guard guy is holding me, there is a lot of vomit on this turf....thank god it's not mine. Big National Guard guy is still holding my up, I told him I just want to lay down, but not in the barf.

Wait, 1:38, that is called smoking it!!!! Where's the beer?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Hell of the North

It wasn't cold and muddy, but hot and dusty. So finishers looked exceptionally dashing. Especially the winner, Johan Van Summeren, who rode the last 5 km with a flat back tire and said he was used to that since he always forgets to go on practice rides with spare tires. Now who won't want to marry that face? Jonathan Vaughters has been completely vindicated for everything he's been saying. And could they get a more inappropriate trophy for a bike race? For a more complete summary of the race.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just follow the rainbow....

and you'll find a pot of gold. Or win a stage in Tirreno-Adriatico like Tyler Farrar. Thor's ok with that....I think. And Tyler took the powder blue jersey from Lars 'here comes to the' Boom.

Our boy Heinrich is rocking the green jersey at Paris-Nice!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's getting warmer

Yes, Heinrich won again today and took the overall lead *sigh*. And those boys in a little bit of argyle, but mostly black, are showing how strong of a team they are, 4 riders in the top 12 and leading the team competition. When Sideburns says ride, you ride.

Once again, thank you to those that are crazier than me.

Everyone has heard the saying "don't count your chickens before your eggs are hatched". Here's a new one "don't count your victory with Little Tommy behind you".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's so cold

With the country in a deep freeze, lets think of hot things. Like Qatar and their endless heat and sand as far as the eye can see. And Heinrich Haussler, who won the stage today in the Tour of Qatar, and is 1 second off the lead.

*rubbing hand together* Ahhh that's better.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aaron Rodgers.....

Can't decide if he is cute or goofy looking...

Sparkly eyes, nice smile, lots of money and a giant Super Bowl ring...
Often weird facial hair and scary hair...
Consensus is... negatives can be fixed, and piles of money make him even better.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Towels vs. Headgear

I know for some the Super Bowl is not an obscure sport, but for those that check their cycling and tennis sites before local news, it is. -Star

What is more intimidating?

Big Guy (Packer supporter): Headgear is naturally more intinidating and annoying if you are sitting behind them. Towels => pom-poms => cheerleaders. Next

Jock (Steeler supporter): Here is why the towels are terrible: Because when it's stupid cold in Pittsburg, you have to wipe you nose on something. Although that is normally what sleeves are for, when you have a towel in your hand it's much more polite to wipe your nose on the towel. And then never wash it. BTW, if the Steelers can win the AFC Championship with out playing the second half, I think they can beat an NFC team. Like 6 of the last 7 Super Bowls they've gone to.....

BG: I think that if the Packers can beat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeds all on the road three weeks in a row, they should be able to beat the 2 seed on a neutral long as that site isn't a bathroom in the back of a bar.

J: Are you saying that the Packers are 20 year old girls?

BG: Not really, I was rally making a comment on how Big Ben has prior issues with "love". If the Packers are 20 year old girls, that would be scary. I have spent most of my life being intimidated by them.

J: I will admit that Big Ben is a dirt bag. I will never claim that he is a good person, just a good scrambler that seems to get lucky in big games, but not in the bathrooms of Ohio bars.

A final score or any final thoughts?

J: 2-0 Steelers

Harrison will use his last illegal hit of the season to take out Rogers on the Packers second possession. The Steelers offense will stick with the running game and average .8 yards per play. The only score will be when the Green Bay punter has to step out the back of the end zone because of the bad snap. Ward will have more blocks then yards. Lots of defensive players getting their hair pulled in the pile.

BG: I agree.

I have no idea what they're talking about.

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.

Wait....never mind.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fast frankie gets her stalk on

Lil' sis Frankie has got a lot of catching up to do, but she made a very credible first time try at stalking a obscure athlete. (above) She is pretending to not pose for a picture with the Men's winner of the half (who also set the American record for the 50k that morning). He is so obscure I don't know his name. She does get extra points for running a fast half, 1:44:10. We get it Frank, you're fast...go do some push-ups.
Here she is post race, yes, that's beer (free!) water, frozen yogurt, energy drink.
I also participated in a bit of pre-race stalk myself. Managed to get some pictures of my friend/running partner (in my head)/Olympian Kara Goucher, who was racing her first race after having a baby on Sept. 25. Sept. this year, yep, she managed to throw down 1:14:02 for second. I too could throw down a 1:14...granted that would be a 10k, but still....Runner, baby *high-fives a thousand angels*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 6

and final stage!! Cam Meyer hung onto the Ochre Jersey and took his first overall win in a stage race. A thank you will be in the mail to Team Sky for taking the first two places on the stage, keeping Matthew Goss from getting enough seconds to overtake the lead. A party was had in Adelaine by Garmin-Cervelo that evening.
Then the next morning where there was a conference call with the whole of Team Garmin-Cervelo announcing the firing of boo's favorite director sportif, Matt White. FYI for any of those looking for employment at G-C....follow the rules that Sideburns lays out!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 5

Cammy should be wary of the green, glowing worm. He ended up holding onto the ochre jersey, but did loose some of his lead. We'll see what the last stage brings.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 4

Holy Argyle Batman!!! Did you see that?!?! This is how a breakaway wins a sprint stage (whisper: you don't let the peloton catch you). Cam Meyer won the stage, is the race leader, the young rider leader and now Garmin-Cervelo is leading the team category. Matty White wishes it could all end today. No worries matey, Camy's got it under control.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 3

So, another stage, another winner I've never heard of. Now I know what Frankie would feel like if she ever watched a cycling race. By the way it was Michael Matthews.
And Cavendish was pissed by the end of the stage because they opened the road to public before he finished....I know how to solve that..RIDE FASTER!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 2

It was a bloody crashtastophy (literally, consider yourself warned when opening links from this page). There were several crashes in the last 3 k's. Some finished worse off then when they started. Lesson one on crashing: don't use your forehead to catch you.
Oh, and the winner was Ben Swift.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tour Down Under: Stage 1

It's a sprinters stage race, so the winner of the first stage will be a sprinter, and the winner of the whole race will be a sprinter. The peloton is packed with sprinters that will probably be racing in France in July. So the winner is . . . . Matt Goss of HTC-Highroad!! What the what? Who is this?
This is Matt Goss.
The ironic thing is, is that Andre Greipel's was second. Andre used to ride for HTC-Highroad and has had words with Mark Cavendish. So Mark sent Andre's replacement to the front of the peloton to beat Andre. It's Mark's world, we're just living in it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new cycling year

so let's get you updated on the news of the off season. The Schleck boys have a name for the Luxembourgian team, Leopard-Trek. The team's introduction was very scarfy, which I believe is a major export of that country. But I think the sleeves of their kits should have pading to make them look tougher. And the newest member of Leopard-Trek is Jakob Fuglsang. He will help fill the gaping hole of cuteness the peloton will be suffering with the retirement of my Chechu.
Garmin has come out with their new kit after taking on doesn't have enough argyle and it looks like a lot of other kits. You would think a guy with sideburns like this, would come up with something more original.
Others have spent more time and effort going over all the kits....good on them.
Johnass Bruyneel won't be around a few races this spring all because he can't keep his mouth shut. And that's a surprise because...?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nice socks...

didn't some of you have these in the 80's?