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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Giro Update (stage 11) by star

It was a sad day for American cycling:
-Levi crashed on today's stage and lost a measurable amount of skin. But finished with the same time as the winner.
-Chris Horner has abandoned the Giro because of a crash on the descent of the first climb of stage 10. He finished the stage, but couldn't walk when he woke up this morning. So he didn't start stage 11 :(
-Christian VdV found 3 fractured vertebrae in his back, so recovery has probably just been extended.

Oh, Tyler Farrar, you are to Mark Cavandish what Rafa Nadal (18 months ago) is to Roger Federer (18 month ago). Maybe some day Tyler will consistently take it to Cav and make him cry like a baby, too!

The nicest guy in the peloton: Chechu is sitting 46th at 24:34 back. He lost almost 8 minutes on the day. What happened, Chechu?


  1. Very sad about VdV - I assume he's out for TdF?
    and since I'm on a roll -IDK? WTF?

  2. They haven't ruled him out yet. But I don't know what kind of condition he'll be in. They're just fractures!