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Monday, May 11, 2009

Giro Update (stage 3) by star

Well the maglia rosa has found it's second pair of shoulders to rest on. A crash (no one was hurt) with 10 K to go kept Mark Cavendish and most of the rest of the peloton out of contention of the finishing sprint. LPR's Ale-Jet ended up getting the sprint and the pink jersey over Garmin's Tyler Farrar. Update: Tyler broke his rear derailleur in the same crash that took out Cav. Layman's translation: he couldn't shift gears on his rear tire for almost 10 K. And after watching the stage, in the last 500 meters Tyler could have taken Ale-Jet for the win!!

I'm sure we will have a new leader tomorrow since they are heading straight for the mountains tomorrow.

On a sad note
Christian Vande Velde went down in a different crash midway through the stage along with Dave Z. Dave got up and finished the stage, unfortunately Christian didn't. Poor VdV ended up in a ambulance with 2 broken ribs and a bruised and strained back.

My main man
Chechu got caught up with Cav's group and is now sitting 55th, 1:56 back
Star, via Lil's non-blocked work computer


  1. Poor VdV, to add injury to the insult of finishing 6 seconds behind Cav and the Columbia boys in the TTT. I don't pay as much attention to this as Star does, but I will when they show Ivan. Mmmm, yummy.

  2. Watch the next 2 stages, they're mountain stages. Ivan will be on the front.