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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Giro Update (stage 15) by star

Ivan Basso tried to make up some time to the leaders. But all was for not.
Come on Denis, I know this is your job, but seriously,
crack a smile. Maybe if the winner's jersey was dark brown and he was given a bottle of vodka instead of champagne he'd smile. Or he's probably disappointed on how the pink clashes with the blue and orange of the kit. He's just going to have to suck it up.
Tyler Farrar is not going to win a stage at this years Giro. Because he's gone home and taken David Millar and Cameron Meyer with him. That leaves the only riders left for Garmin are Danny Pate (the pride and joy of Co Springs (& cute)), Dave Z (he's crazy), Julian Dean (he's a kiwi), Bradley Wiggins (thank you for getting a hair cut), and Tommy Danielson (he's a pocket rider). They better do something this last week.
Here's a good
video with Dave Z, Lance and Levi. Just slightly awkward, but then again DZ is involved.
Chechu is not doing well. He ended up finishing with the sprinters 22 min back. He's now 57th, 1:03:11 back. He must be sick. Or he misses me.

Happy Birthday to Frankie!!!


  1. I don't think I had seen Lance without a helmet. What's up with the hair? He never grows it out...

  2. Dave Z is hilarious and nuts. Did you see in Lance's twitter that he was talking about Chechu's new restaurant in San Fran? Also Star - I didn't realize that Chechu was an electrical engineer - so that means you like small nerdy men?

  3. Correction- Chechu's restaurant is in Oakland.

  4. I did see that, we will have to check it out next time we are out there. It is a tapas bar,
    here is the link
    Also, he mentioned that he is interviewing Jens today, so we will have to check that out. Jens is in the break today. Hope he stays away.

  5. I did know Chechu had a new restaurant in Oakland. The food is from his native region in Spain.
    And he got his engineering degree just a few years ago. He got it while he was a professional cyclist.
    I know frighteningly alot about Chechu. But I keep it to myself, his wife's a lawyer.

  6. Aren't all engineers small and nerdy?
    That was a softball and I almost missed it.

  7. Yeah, I'm surprised it took you that was right in your wheelhouse.

  8. My bad, I was distracted by the Chechu talk.
    It won't happen again.