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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Attack of Team Kobe

Like Boo, I watched game 3 of  Western Conference finals and yes, Birdman is something else. I'd take him on my team any day because I bet he's got some great stories, at least those he can remember
Team Kobetron showed up for game 3. Playing with no joy, appearing to not have a heartbeat or any other discernible signs of being human they still managed to win. Pau woke up in the 4th and Kobe stuck a dagger three in at the end. Nuggets need to refer to their copy of WWZ and destroy the brain, perhaps they could borrow a pickaxe from Rocky


  1. There is something pleasing in the look of all that ink with the powder blue and sunshine yellow of the Nuggets uni.

  2. Plus he has a pasty white canvas on which to display his body art.

  3. WWZ? Sounds like Len is starting to break through with the zombie logic. He might be wearing you down.