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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jump on the bandwagon...

...there's plenty of room.

Last night I discovered that the Husker women's basketball bandwagon holds at least 13,595. I was one of those there for the first ever sellout for the basketball team down at Devaney.

They are 27-0, ranked #3, Big XII champions, and looking good for a #1 seed in the tourney. Not bad for a bunch of midwestern girls, supplemented by a lightly recruited Alaskan in her 5th year of eligiblity.

Huge cheer when they announced that Star's boyfriend won the gold in the bobsled.

Will keep you all updated as season completes. I know you are waiting with baited breath, and on the edge of your seat. Be careful. Don't fall off.


Really, it's all about you...

..Lindsey Vonn.
She trully puts the 'I' in 'Olympic'. Distractingly, it took away from the princess, Julia Mancuso. No wonder snowboarders run over skiers all the time.

Downhill Cheerleader/Intimidator/Motivator.
Who IS the guy whose single job it is to yell at the American skiers before they take off down the hill? You, know, the guy who sounds like a male grizzly bear and yells at them until the moment they leave the tent. He yells such things as, "COME ON!! COME ON!! COME OOOOON BODE MILLER!!! COME ON BODE!!! BODIEEEEEEEEE!!!! COME ON!!! COME ON BODE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Is he paid to do this job? I'm curious to know who the guy is and why he's there, yelling, for every American skier. I think he's a big, hairy, American coach of some kind.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shout out..

to the US nordic combined team. Well done Johnny Spillane, Bill Demong, Todd Lodwick, and Brett Cametora. Johnny won silver in both individual events, Bill won gold today in the long hill, and the team won the silver in the relay.
Considering the US was 0-forever in nordic combinded olympic races, this year brought the sport to the prime time. It's bumping up in out curling!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

So easy a Canadian can do it...

I kid. I love Canada. I want to live there.
Those obscure Olympic sports can be confusing, so I'm giving them some tag lines to help.
Ice Dancing/Pairs Skating: "We're your new neighbors that wear matching teal wind suits to do yard work, have 34 gazing balls in the front yard (carpeted with faux plastic grass) and a fountain that plays muzack. Oh and we wave in unison."
Speaking of gazing balls...
Bobsled: "For housewives everywhere."
Short Track: "4 Jack Russell's on crack in a closet"
Snowboard: "You brought Cheetos...seriously?!?"
Curling: "Okay then, You bring the tater tot bake and I'll bring the case of High Life. No I can come straight from work, I don't need to change out of my pleated work khakis"
Ski Jumping: "Yes, I do body double for the Schlecks in the off season"
And because everything comes back to Steve -When they announced the US/Canada hockey score during the Suns game last night he made a face and double thumbs down. After the game he had this to say about the loss. "It's tough, There was a moment where I almost slapped someone in the front row because they kept yelling it (the score) to me but we're worried about season ticket renewals so I held back." Atta boy Steve.
I vote 2 thumbs up for the Canadian skeleton gold winner Jon Montgomery for just belting out O Canada - if you have a kick ass anthem you may as well yell it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I (heart) Apolo,

but the Koreans and now Canadians...not so much. He's races are soooo exciting, I can't sit down when I'm watching....I keep yelling "come on Apolo, don't fall down", while I'm jumping up and down. Kind of like when he was on Dancing with the Stars.
And US bobsledders, now everyone needs to keep an eye on them. But when they are in the suits check out Curt Tomasevicz (former Husker football player) more the pilot Steve Holcomb. Curt was made for those suits...Steve would look better in a sweatshirt.
Speaking of what Olympians are wearing the best dressed by a mile is the US snowboarders. Dude, they are totally rocking the jean snowpants. Why didn't they think of these sooner? And it does no harm in putting Seth Wescott in 'em. Yep. But seriously, does Shaun White know how to fly? Cause he's killed the halfpipe.
I have to give a "way to go" to the US men's and women's curling teams since they finally won some matches. It took awhile and a shake up on the men's side, but a win's a win, eh?
Late addition:
Bode, Bode, are a rock star. Or as Austrian Bennie Raich said "I never know what to make of Bode Miller, because he's crazy." Crazy good, that's what. Three races and three medals, this last one a gold. Now he can wear them with any outfit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras

I know you've probably been asking, where have you been? The Olympics have been going on for, like, days. I'll tell you where I've been, watching, that what. Ok, here are my thoughts thus far:
How awesome is short track speed skating? totally, that's what. It's just as much of a workout to watch a race as it is to participate. I couldn't stay seated during the finals of the 1500 where Apolo (he can dance) got silver & JR (he's twelveteen) was bronze.
Bode's back!!! Where'd he go? I think he went and grew up, he's only 32!!
The Czech Republic speed skater won the gold in the 3000 meters, but what's so surprising is that Martina Sablikova is 5' 7", 117 lb (ding)....that's almost malnourishment.
Speaking of how people look or dress....the curlers of Norway need to .... uhm....I'm at a loss....insert you're own comment here.
I personally like the Canadian mittens. It takes me back to the days when Mom would put snowman, or Ernie and Bert on the back of ours, so we knew which glove went on each hand. I wonder how many of the Canadians had the string that runs though the coat connecting the two mittens?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stay Vitamized My Friend.

Oh Stevie, you are so fancy, with your red mittens and one of the non-malfunctioning torches to light. With your 7th NBA all-star-ness and Skills Challenge contesting. But your new vitamin water commercial makes me really heart you all the more-I don't know if its the glitter headband or denim tuxedo. Words really can't describe fully.
PS. Happy Belated Birthday Steve! I apologize for having to take a break, but you all (the suns) were really, really bad at basketball, I just couldn't handle it. Your 5 game win streak got me back, but losing the Portland? Really? 4 days off provide to much time to think of a game plan that can be described as "lets not really try, okay?" No Suns, Not okay.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Westminster Kennel Club,

Seriously.....seriously why would you plan your dog show during the same time as the XXI Winter Olympic Games? I know you've presented you dog show every year since 1877, but couldn't you have moved it one week earlier. Or perhaps to a warmer month where you won't loss a Maltese Snow Dog, in the snow. But personally the world would be a better place if most of those toy breeds got lost in a snow drift.
Us obscure sport fans live for the Olympics with it's unrecognizable athletes participating in nonsensical games in unusual locations around the world. True, the Winter Olympics have been around only since 1924, but just because you've been around the longest doesn't make you right. As you may, or may not, know I'm the youngest of the blogogroup and I'm right, a lot!
So Westminster Kennel Club I'm afraid that this year you have taken a backseat, or more appropriately you are in the dog house. I'm watching grown adults throw stones across ice, slide down snow covered mountains with either 1 or 2 boards scraped to their feet, glide around in circles on ice with strips of metal on the bottom of their shoes and say "eh" a lot. Yes, if I was just slightly more ambitious (or had just a little support from my sisters) I would be one of those crazed fans on the side of the bobsled run with the US flag painted on my face and a rainbow wig on my head...U-S-A!!!
P.S. I know I'm just one of a handful of people in which this schedule actually causes a conflict, but my opinion does matter and more then you think.