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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Giro Update (stages 1 & 2) by star

Stage 1: Columbia took it to Garmin, Cav put his money where his mouth is. JV is cussing him now though. Kind of disappointed, I was hoping that Garmin would paint the Giro argyle! Maybe they'll get a stage later on.
If these where what they were riding, it might explain why they got second.

Stage 2: I think that Maglia Rosa must have some wind resistance for lil' Cav. Ali-Jet was all over that finish. Unfortunately I think they just poked the bear and Cav is going to go all "look at me, I'm super fast" on them.
My main man Chechu is 11th in GC!!

Half glass observation: When you get passed out drunk, don't do cocaine and then get out of competition tested. Ask Tornado Tom about that little mistake. oops! update: make that his 3rd mistake! Just say no Tom

Tomorrow: Stage 3....

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