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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Cavs

The Hubbie said something last night about not minding watching the Cavaliers play, because Lebron is fun to watch. I agreed fully, but the reason he makes my eyes happy are probably quite a bit different than his....
So Joba was a perfect 5 for 5 for his first batters yesterday. No, wait, the first five batters were perfect. Ouch. But he hung in there and got 12 strike-outs. That part is good.
The prodigy niece is getting ready to compete for the conference title in discus. Brings me back to the days. Can you believe they make special shoes for shot and discus throwers? And have coaches? And fans? My, how times have changed.
Did you guys know that Andy got married? Not to be out done, Rogerer got married like, the next day to his girlfriend of 18 years. And who knows what Rafa did - eloped with his biceps maybe.
That's all I got for now - Star, I like your predictions.

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  1. 10/4 on the LeBron conversation, had a similar one last night. On a similar note: Dwigth Howard - his game is almost as good as his physique, almost - he did shoot under 60% from the line this year. I forgive him.
    Yeah, tennis was totally on the whole get married thing for awhile-I didn't know Rafa was from Utah...I mean he has two biceps.(wait does that cross the religion line?)
    Also - love, love, love your "about us" picture.