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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lilly here...

okay, first off - a little pissed that Boo took Arial. Arial is the font backstop for designers. The Tim Duncan of fonts. You have a project, don't know what to do, 8 seconds on the 24 second clock- you throw it into Arial, it gets the job done. yeah, its not the most inspiring, but it won't really stand out that much and will play nice with the other fonts. Unless of course, its game one of the playoffs last year and Arial decides to make a three with time running out...stupid Arial. Bitter, so bitter.
Anyway, this should be fun. I'll take lead on the NBA. Seriously, stop fighting me for it guys.
So LeBron gets his first MVP, and looks to be lined up for many more. But tried to watch game 1 tonight against the Hawks and it made me want to watch baseball (I know!!) So terrible. The offense was offensive.
Denver (formerly known as Enver) is really playing well - that's crazy. They are one team that I would never worry about the Suns playing, no defense & guaranteed to jack up crazy shot after crazy shot, which sounds like the suns but they were actually less disciplined. Now they look like a different team - what a difference a Chauncey makes.


  1. Sorry I took Arial. Didn't know that you had such a strong bond with Arial.

  2. Star didn't take Aril boo did....i'm confused!

  3. I'm not sure I understand the comparison, who's Tim Duncan? What's the NBA?

  4. I forgot. Let me explain. They actually have a professional basketball league here. Its like college basketball, except the players actually MAKE most of their shots and playing defense is optional - at least during the regular season. And the players get actual paychecks instead of shoes, cars and lucrative offseason "jobs".
    Tim Duncan is a robot that has successfully passed for a human basketball player for many years. He is a nice guy, except when he's evil.