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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wimbledon. Day 9. T-minus 2 days to TdF

ARod won, although I can find no evidence that the match was shown in its entirety today- despite me filling the entire DVR with alleged tennis coverage. ESPN, I'm feeling so stabby towards you, stay away. Rogerer & Napoleon won too. Big story, Tommy Haas upset Novak Djokovic today in 4 sets. Haas at 31 is ancient in tennis years, which makes me think that tennis girlfriends must age inversely. Remember when the Russians "allegedly" poisoned him? Andy, Tommy takes your saving the hotel guests from fire and will raise you a poisoning. Good stuff.
I'm sure Boo & Star had alot of time to brainstorm while driving across the entire state of Kansas today, so expect stellar TdF insights from them when they sober up monday- after drinking with Jock the rest of this week - Happy B-day Jock!

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  1. Hey - we don't have much yet, but Seanbar is barely been open. I'm sure we will get super smart here pretty soon.

    I'm not sure where your Tommy Haas link was supposed to go, but I got some underwear model. Not bad.