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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tour de France - Boom, Boom and out go the lights!

Ok, Alberto is serious about stopping people from asking 'who is the leader of Astana'. Seriously. Do you want him to ride away really fast uphill again? There are 3 more mountain stages left and he's not afraid of riding alone.
Oh, and he got a really cool prize at the finish, a St Bernard! The dog probably weighs as much as him.
Bradley "Bloody" Wiggins, wow, he can ride uphill really well. Right now he's the only thing keeping Astana from having the top 3 spots. -Star
Little Al was pretty defiant on the podium. As if to say... "that all you got, old man??.." And apparently it was. LA looked a little teary in his interview, as it he just got a giant kick in the pants. But he really could hang onto a podium finish. He still climbs pretty good for being away for as long as he was.
And according to Wikipedia, a full grown St. Bernard weighs 160-250#. Way more than Alberto. - boo
I have to give a 'well done' to Kenny Robert van Hemmel who by losing 45 min today solidified himself as the Lanton Rouge (last place rider). The closest rider is over 40 min ahead.
Well done David Millar, we know how hard it is to write a humorous blog.-Star
I'm a little late on this - surprised, but not really, but kinda with how easy Al rode away. Its his tour now. Will be interesting to see Lance ride for him, it will be frustrating & annoying listening to the american press try to figure it out. If Astana gets all the podium places I'm gonna throw up. yuck.
Oh, and Fab Fabian is a stud. again.-Lil

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