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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tourde France - Stage 4

Happy Birthday Bob 'Bobke' Roll!!!!
I just have to say that today was the Team Time Trial, which is one of the most amazing things to watch in all of athletics. I love TTT's!
Yes, Astana won the day and almost put Lance in yellow. It's all over the headlines, and anyone at work that knows I follow cycling pointed that out to me. They all think LA is going to now win the whole Tour, never mind that it's only stage 4.
It looks like Columbia burned a few more matches then they thought yesterday. I thought they were the best cycling team in the world?
I swear Fabian Cancellara drove the whole TT in the front for Saxo Bank.
The story of the day for me was Garmin-Slipstream. I was really questioning Matty White plan when they were dropping riders and left with 5 with 28 k to go. But watching Ryder Hesjedal sit on the back for most of the day, it was pretty much 4 riders that finished the race. Dave Z, Millar, Wiggs & VdV are rock stars!
I do love the TTT. So pretty. So Milram has cow spots on their kits?!?! And AG2R stole the arglye type design from GS. Everybody else looks pretty much the same. But I do want to start break dancing whenever they mention the BBox team. What is that?
LA sure did take some massive pulls at the front, but Fabian is a stud. "Sparticus" put that whole Saxo Bank team on his wide shoulders and took them home. I do think that the evil genius that is Johan calculated the whole thing perfectly. The team won, put 4 in the top 5, and Saxo Bank has to defend. ***he, he, he, rubbing hands together*** Evil, but clever. -boo
Most unatractive podium girl.....ever. -star

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