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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 3

It was a sprint stage, so it is ok to assume that Mark Cavandish won, because he did. But so much more happened too. It was a "must watch" last 30 k.
I thought the team not to piss off this TdF was Astana, but I think Columbia is not a team to trifled with. Big George looks like a softy until you don't help chase down the breakaway!
I would like to be a fly on the wall in the meeting post-stage in the Astana bus. I wonder how much Spanish Lance and Johan know. I'm sure they've heard all the cuss words before.
Boo's favorite team director!! - Star

Awww... I love Matty.... thanks to Vs. for shooting that spot with him from an angle. Took the big ears right out of the picture.

Damn... Cav is fast. I thought Thor was going to give him a battle, but Mark just kicked it a little bit more and pulled away. Crazy fast. But boy he sure was a jackass in his interview at the end. I didn't see him pulling at any point. - boo

Dear Mark Cavandish,
Don't be such a jerk, if you weren't so good and a practical lock on winning every sprint, then other sprinters teams would help Columbia pull back the break-a-ways.
Sincerely, Star
PS - Does Great Britain know that braces have been invented?

Just gotta chip in on this one. I don't know if LA "accidently on purpose" managed to get in the lead group with 2 strong domestics but that showed experience and some ball(s), which he as plenty of... experience that is.
Note to self: The next time I'm asked to manage a pro cycling team I'm gonna look for a ratio better than 1.25 domestics to each GC contender - somebody has to get the water.
Astana=Kazakhstanian for ¡OMG DRAMA!

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