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Friday, July 17, 2009

So Sad

Levi has a broken wrist and is out!!! That breaks my heart. - boo

Sniff, poor Levi. No matter how you look at it this is a big, big blow to Lance's hopes. Levi was riding very well- podium well. It does make the OMG Astana team even more like daytime television. As the Pedals Turn.
Talk me down girls...but I don't believe Johan will instruct the guys to ride for Little Al if he's up by 2 seconds. Al has to take a huge lead and/or Lance suffer a huge time loss (like 1:30+) to make that happen. Lance was Johan's $$$ for too many years and its not like Johan's not going back to Astana anyway.

I wish Levi a speedy recovery. I hope see him in Missouri!!
I don't think Johan knows what he's going to do. His knee jerk reaction is to have Lance win, but after seeing Little Al ride uphill, you would be foolish to bet against AC.
Riders like to think they are faster then a speeding bullet.....these 2 aren't.
Finally watched the stage....cold, wet & miserable. Heinrick Haussler was crying by the end of the race it was so bad...what, he's crying because he won? There's crying in cycling? I thought there was only crying in tennis?

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