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Monday, July 27, 2009

Completely Random

-Guy who writes in the OWH made a funny about Rogerer, "...when the twins were born, they slapped the babies to make them start crying, then they slapped Roger to make him stop..."

-Sad comment on SC after yet another KC loss, "... Zach Greinke, and that rhymes with Future Yankee..." NOOOOOOO!!!! He would be a disaster in NYC, too much of a head case.

-Shout out to the "Irish Mist", took 5th in the Bayview Mackinac Yacht Race, a 239 nautical mile race in Lake Michigan. Yacht racing just doesn't get the press it should.... The race took 3 days, the winds are fickle. Congrats to Skipper David Spiers. I don't know him, but his daughter-in-law is a friend of a friend. And I would love to go up the Mackinac Island. Looks gorgeous.

-Belated Congrats to the niece on a hard-fought 3rd place finish at the State Softball tourney a couple weeks ago. They lost the first game, and had to play 7 in a row out of the losers bracket.

- Umm, that's all I've got. -boo

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  1. Zach can't be a Yankee, Joba needs to be a Royal!!