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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 16

Ok - I was looking on YouTube for Jens' crash. (I haven't watched the stage yet.) But I came upon one super funny video about the top 3 bike fights. You got to check it out. Never mind that it is in Flemish. You get the drift when they mention in English about the "Rumble in the Jungle"! Sorry I know I'm off task, but it was distracting.... - boo

Oh, just saw the crash.... OUCHIE.... Hope he's ok. Between the 70KPH faceplant and the sparks coming off the bike... That kind of made me a little sick to my stomach.

Oh Jens, I was going to post this pic when he won a stage this year. But alas, maybe next year. Get well soon Jens!!!
Good, Bad and Ugly of the stage today:
Good: Dave Z keeping within reach of the GC group, the bombing it down the last decent
Bad: Frank Schleck getting dropped when Jens, his own teammate, is putting in the tempo on the last climb
Ugly: Jens crash - I guess he won't finish 2nd this year Lil
And another Tip of the Hat to Kenny Robert van Hummel. Get this, he lost 34 min today, 7 more then the last group on the road. He is now 3:35 behind Little Al, 45 min behind his closest competitor for the Lanterne Rouge. -Star

As not-a-lance-fan, I have to give him his due. He saw the podium riding away and went after it. In the process he managed to confuse Andy enough that VdV, Dave Z & Gang made it back. Thanks Lance!
¡Jens! - that was too scary-don't do that again. Get better soon. Here's a link to a great Jens article. Sample quote: "The grass is always greener on the other side. Unless Jens Voigt has been riding on the other side in which case it’s white with the salty, dried tears of all the riders whose souls he has crushed." - Lil

Lilly, that article brought me to tears I was laughing so much. -Star

OMG, I know. Laugh out loud funny. Don't read at work.
- Lil

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