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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay...I'm not ready to be over it

Here's a picture that (almost) perfectly illustrates one of my dream scenarios - with this slight tweaking - Wiggo on a podium and Dave Z standing by with torch to light Jonathan's sideburns.

Bradley way to double fist them beers - I imagine that after finishing the TdF that is a group of skinny cheap drunks.
Lilly, !Jens! has found a way to beat Astana!! And he's recovering. - Star
Maybe Tour of Missouri!! WWJD?!?! Get back on his bike and say "Shut up body and just pedal!!" - boo


  1. They need to stretch the Tour out to 4 weeks, just put a few more rest days in. I don't know if the riders would be in favor.
    The Tour of Missouri is just a few weeks (6) way!!!

  2. I love Jens. He is so funny and german without being threatening.

  3. Holy crap ¡Jens! - he acts like its no big deal, but still...ouchie.
    He is the bestest.
    Is that a german hospital he's in? circa 1954?