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Monday, July 27, 2009

A musette full of snickers (WIN!)

A list of win for Le Tour....
Le Tour in HD-more beautiful than ever.
Phil & Paul - when things start to get grippy you can count on them. Except when they get confused, which on mountain stages is often.
Team Columbia - throwing Tony M & Kim K to the wolves that climb the mountains, they came to win flat stages...and they did. With authority.
French teams - not sucking completely this tour, things are looking up, well, probably not.
The Giant St. Bernard - it was at the start line the next day too. Careful! don't sit on Little Al you'll squish him.
Garmin-Slipstream - Wiggo (surprise!) VdV (total stud) Millar (not as pasty as usual) Dave Z (brilliant- crazy mad man) & the rest. Including Matty White - thanks for saving me from Jonathan's disturbing sideburns. Gutsy call on TTT - way to roll the dice and drop the other 4. Well done argyle.
Fab Fabian, Stuey & ¡Jens! - way to hammer.
Thor in Green (for you boo)
Spotted jersey podium girls outfits - all kinds of love, love love....
I did hear Paul say that Bradley held onto his 4th place by the skin of his bike shorts. That must be 3 seconds.
Quote of the Tour goes to Dave Z about G-S chef “He’s even making me beets, which I like a lot. Helps move things along.”
Here's a interview of Christian, there's more on the website. A few by Dave Z, which is always interesting.
Astana's Gregory Rast, he's Swiss too - watch out Fabian.
Only 48 weeks until the next Tour!!! -Star

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