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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 11

Cavendish won again today. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that thinks Cav's a prick.
Oh Tyler, so close, yet so far. One these days, but probably after Cav's out of the race. -Star

If you watched VS this morning, one thing they do that is both entertaining and irritating is their own little Performance Prediction bit. Annoying that Hummer is doing so well, and entertaining because I'm not sure they know what is going on half the time. Today Paul was speechless due to the fact that he thought he picked Feirre but they put up Rojas. Mayhem ensued. Well, as much mayhem as can be had on a set with one dork, 2 retired cyclists and good ol' crazy Phil.

I watch live updating at work from (don't tell my boss...) and there are some funny items. Unfortunately, today was the guy who isn't as funny as the girl. Yesterday, she mentioned that there was a snail convoy attempting to cross the road. She said that one was sent out and got a 2 inch gap on the rest of the snail peleton. Ok - I thought it was funny... - boo

You should have heard Paul & Phil worry about the snails. Was the highlight of the day. That and VdV's post-race interview. - Lil

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