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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 12

Since Star has been on me for starting the blog first... here we go. Ok - flat stage, breakaway stayed away, some dude from Denmark with an umlaut in his last name won. Cool. I will watch tonight to see if there are any neat crashes, and or interviews.

Poor Vladimir Efikim. I will try to find a picture of his facial road rash. Ouchie. -boo

Way to get the ball rolling Boo.
You're right, this was perhaps one of the most boring stages so far. On VS live coverage, Jonathan Vaughters was in the booth with Phil & Paul. It was with about 30 K to go and they are showing an interview with Lance. Lance is talking about Tyler and is fairly complementary. After the interview Phil says "Jonathan, even Lance is on your side". All you hear from JV is "hum" and then silence. My guess is JV does not have one of those yellow 'Lance Fans'.
My favorite Swiss rider in the peloton (Fabian Cancellara) is not only super fast in the time trial, cute, but he's also a really nice guy. -Star

I don't know about you guys, but I would give Spartacus a big hug, too. Just for looking like he does. He wouldn't have to do a thing...

big vote yes on hugging Fab or whatever tiptoes right up to the line of stalker.
stage sooooo boring... could barely make it. In more interesting news, pro tennis player Richard Gasquet's ban for testing positive for cocaine was lifted. Turns out he inadvertently ingested cocaine by kissing a girl he met at a club. "Inadvertently ingested cocaine" - I love that statement. - Lil

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