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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 7

Ah, snap, Lance, did you see what 'Little Al" just did? Yeah, y'all really, really look like a united team. Levi & Lance knew the 'plan', it must have been lost in the Flemish to English and Flemish to Spanish translation when Johan-the ass was going over the stage in the pre-race meeting. What are the odds that Team Astana stays as is after the Tour? My guess is slim to none, and slim just took a flyer off the front of the peloton.
Kudos to the skinny, little fellows in Argyle. Way to stick with the big dogs Wiggy & VdV! Too bad crazy Dave Z, couldn't quite keep with the GC contenders in the last 2 k. -Star.

Good analysis, Star. I'm betting if the roles had been reversed, the French and Spanish press would have been ALL over LA for pulling a move like Contador did. Also, ESPN needs to find SOMEONE that knows about cycling. Their SC anchor mis-pronounced Contador as CANT-a-dor at least 5 or six time. Dork. Or wait, maybe that is me for caring.... - boo

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