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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de France - the stage all riders have been waiting for

Well done France for once again hosting the greatest sporting event ever.
I think Cav has sent the message that he is the fastest man on 2 wheels. Even his leadout man got second they were going so fast.
Just taking a guess that Alberto is not going to be on Team Radio Shack. I wonder which party Johan went to?
I have to give a shout out to Garmin-Slipstream. Who though a little upstart team from the US in the first year as a proteam could place 2 riders in the top 10 of the Tour de France? I didn't think they could, but glad they did. -Star
It was great to see G-S do so well. It must be the team doctoring... or was he just the chiropractor? Hopefully he can get that extra gear out of Tyler. He deserves a stage or two. Is he riding the Vuelta, or will he be at the ToM? - boo
I finally found the pic of Dave Z warming up for the time trial. Have I mentioned he's crazy.
I don't know if Tyler is doing the Vuelta or Missori. Cav did the Giro, so he won't be in Spain.-Star

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