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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tour de France - The Queen Stage

We'll start out with the important happenings of today's stage:
-John Elway is a cycling fan. Check out the VS coverage with 114 K to go.
-Everyones favorite Lanterne Rouge, Robert Kenny van Hummel crashed out of the stage with a cut on his knee. I know he didn't land on his face at 70 kpm, but he also isn't !Jens!.
-Thor the God of Thunder is a rockstar. I would like to see Cav solo in front of the peloton up a couple of cat. 1 climbs. Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen.
-Note to any future teammates of Little Al: don't be any good, because if you get close to him in the GC of a major race he will attack and drop you. So don't even offer a raincoat on a climb to him, he may think it has rocks in its pockets and throw it back at you.
-I don't know if it was the fact that VS has a pair of Brits as commentators (I heart Phil & Paul), but they were swearing that Astana and Saxo Bank were very worried about the fact that Bradley Wiggins had been able to hang with the big climbers so far this tour. They believe that Wiggo will be able to kill the ITT tomorrow. I know Phil doesn't always call riders by the correct name, but I believe him.
-Dream scenario: Both of the Schlecks pull a Rassmussen on the ITT. hehehe -Star
I am not sure why I harbor this intense dislike of the Schlecks. They seem like nice enough kids. I think it stems back from Frank making that ridiculous tough face and flexing his non-existent muscles when he won that stage two years ago. Creeped me out, and I can't get past it.
I know Lil is a non-Lance fan, but he really is having a surprising Tour. He is remarkably resilient and I do hope for a podium finish for him. But even if he puts a couple minutes back into the Schlecks, they will take him back out on Mont Ventoux.
And is Nibaldi that tiny, or is LA just that much bigger? He looked like a giant on the run in into the finish. -boo (Is Jock alive?!?!? I'm getting worried...)

Frank Schleck went to "Kobe & Pau's Lamest Faux-Tough Faces School" - he got an A+ - Lil
Oooo yeah, that's the one. *** shudder, skin crawling***

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