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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stage 9 - quick observation

Pellizotti (Liquigas) has some very pretty blond curls coming out of the back of his helmet as he stays away on the break. Got to go to Wahoo now, so more later.

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! Have a good one!

Today was about one rider - ¡Jens! I wish the Lance network would have a jens cam. Today he gets in the chase group of 8 - when he gets dropped towards the top of the HC climb up Col dTourmalet, it appears that he might die from pain. Gets picked up by the peleton, next shot of him is loading up with new bottles from the team car. Then Andy Shleck gets a flat at 4k from the finish (worst place ever!) Jens dropped back and pulled him to the peleton in about 15 seconds. I think he should have a reality show - "¡Jens! Crazy, Painful, Perfect Day"
France wins its 3 stage of the race, as a nation they are overachieving. It was a Bbox rider, the team appears to be moving past their inglorious TTT performance.
It was No-Shave Sunday for Levi & Thor. And in other facial hair news, Phil described a Rabobank rider's "goaty beard thing" - I think he meant goatee.
I heard that comment by Phil as well. I also just saw a bunch of Aussies looking like marigolds with yellow bushy things on their head and flags as capes. At least they weren't naked. - boo
I would totally watch a !Jens! reality show.
***Congrats goes out to our sister Bones, she's prego. Now Squeaky and Squirmy are going to have a new littler sis or brother in January!

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