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Monday, June 29, 2009

The second week...

Venus & Serena are looking good, watched a little of their double match - that's just scary.
ARod said he likes twitter 'cause he can follow the Huskers...I know that will make you all vry happy. ESPN had an article that said part of the reason he's doing so well this year, besides the fitness level, is the stability in his personal life. What do you know, man marries 21 year old SI swimsuit model and his life gets better. Amazing, what are the odds*
Don't worry ladies, NBC did mention that Andy banned her music for the fortnight because she likes cheesy pop crap. Ha! what a loser**
*sarcasm, obviously
**seriously, what is she 12? ...what me bitter? no, not bitter, happily married, you must be bitter and interpret my comments as such.

1 comment:

  1. Bitter?? Never...

    She's not that hot. I mean, whatever.

    You're way hotter. Seriously.