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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Le Tour drinking game

Okay, Boo started it when she spotted the full moon, and I noticed on stage 3 a big fat dude running along in a speedo and what appeared to be a shirt tied around his head, musta been hot. So, a Tour Goober drinking game....
1. naked/speedo people. one drink each
2. shots of horses/cattle running in pasture with peleton in background (classic). drink
3. Paul pulling a crazy historical reference out that may or may not be entirely made up - who knows? not me. drink
4. Dog/cow/donkey/horse wandering onto peletons path. drink. two drinks if the animal is okay.
5. VS accidently showing "nature break". drink & take a nature break yourself.
6. Riders yelling/gesturing angrily at photographers on motorbikes/other riders/team cars. drink. If you can translate call someone else and make them drink.
7. Phil using any suitcase, train or dancing reference. drink
8. Any interview with Dave Z. drink lots - then you have a chance of understanding it.
9. Obscene/lewd chalk drawings on road. drink-then try to replicate in your neighbors driveway at 2am. Art! it's for everyone!
Add on girls....
We could revive the 'Lance' drinking game...drink everytime Lance is mentioned in the Only Lance Network, I mean VS. I'm totally out of shape for that game.

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