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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rest Day?

Frankie Andreu was interviewed on NPR this morning and referred to LA and Little Al as "frienemies".

Very "Gossip Girls". And he also said that as the tour goes on, it will be much lighter on the "friend" side and much heaver on the "enemy" part. He stopped short of calling it, but I had the feeling he was surprised by Lance's form, but thought Contador would take care of things in the Alps. -boo

I know he had a pretty funky haircut earlier in the season, but Bradley Wiggins is quickly rising up my list of favorite Gamin-Slipstream cyclists. Imagine Levi asking Dave Zabriskie if Wiggs crazy. Ironic, but I think Dave can recognize crazy.

Whew, rest day. I needed this.
Great articles on Wiggins, sounds like a very cool guy and looks like he should be in a Guy Richie movie. Definitely agree that crazy recognizes crazy.
Read in the NYT this weekend the Johan said "what happens on the bus, stays on the bus", so the Astana bus is like Vegas? But without the slot machines & showgirls I assume. - Lil

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